Kellogg School of Management News: Minding Matter

Minding MATTER

New health technology incubator MATTER will help bring medical devices to market

By Paul Dailing

7/1/2014 – The lease hasn’t been signed at the Merchandise Mart. There’s no paint on the wall, no signs indicating this office space will soon house a health-tech incubator bringing entrepreneurs and medical innovators to the same table.

The space is, in the words of Kellogg Clinical Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation David Schonthal EMP-74, just “concrete and columns and windows.”

And opportunity.

By the end of the year, the empty room at the Merch Mart is expected to house MATTER, a hub designed to help entrepreneurs turn innovations into products. Unlike startup incubator 1871 down the hall, MATTER will focus on one industry – health technology.

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