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MATTER Members Exhibiting at HIMSS & HX360

Here’s a list of the MATTER member companies who will be exhibiting at HIMSS15 and HX360. Stop by and learn more about these new healthcare IT innovations.

Apervita is a secure, self-service platform that enables health professionals and enterprises to author, publish and subscribe to a market of evidence-based algorithms and measures, easily connecting them to data and workflow. Available to every health professional and powerful enough for the entire health enterprise, Apervita provides health analytics at a tenth of today’s cost, in a hundredth of the time. (Booth #3688)

CareSkore is an enterprise software company reinventing case management and care coordination with an aim to improve outcomes for patients and providers. Applying risk modeling and predictive analysis to existing data, CareSkore helps better measure and manage risk for patients and for providers. The highly intuitive solution has powerful functionality, robust reporting and workflow automation. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Caretree is a centralized, coordinated health record that is as easy as Facebook to use. Patients, caregivers, families or providers simply create a patient profile and invite others to access it. CareTree uses role-based security to enforce HIPAA compliance and control access to protected information. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Coeus Health is pioneering the translation of evidence-based health behavior interventions by serving as the “Intel inside” for digital health. While digital health holds promise for addressing the growing obesity epidemic, evidence-based solutions are nearly absent from the market. Coeus Health is bringing clinically proven content to the digital weight management market. (Harris Solutions Booth #4168)

 doc&i is a prescription pricing software for healthcare providers that ensures patients receive the best value for their prescriptions prior to arriving at the pharmacy. doc&i integrates pricing data from multiple sources using a proprietary database and algorithm to deliver point-of-care, real-time prescription pricing and coverage transparency to healthcare providers within their existing workflow. (Harris Solutions Booth #4168)

Double Helix Group develops telehealth solutions for the prevention and self-management of chronic disease. With their partners, Helix Medical Group, the company provides affordable care online. Together, they support engagement between regular visits with primary care physician satisfaction. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Neurocern is a virtual brain health platform that helps health systems better manage care for brain health patients. Neurocern’s SaaS solution taps into the combined power of neuroscience, predictive analytics, and telehealth to improve patient experience, care coordination, and grow strategic service lines. (Harris Solutions Booth #4168)

Prana Diabetes is tackling the growth of diabetes through a service that brings together technology and social ties to promote good lifestyle habits. The Prana platform enables simple, phone-based monitoring and record keeping of key health parameters while creating a personal support network for diabetes management. Prana Diabetes is an Impact Engine portfolio company. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Stealth Mark is a global product authentication solution provider specializing in brand protection. Offering one the most advanced product security solutions, Stealth Mark protects companies and governmental agencies from unauthorized reproduction (counterfeiting), diversion or theft of their most valued assets. For years, Stealth Mark has delivered security solutions that emphasize four key principles: security strength, ease of implementation, authentication speed/simplicity, and total cost of ownership. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Purple Binder connects patients with services that address the social determinants of health, such as counseling, housing and food pantries. After the connection is made, Purple Binder closes the loop and verifies that the patient received the services. The company’s solution is used by payors and health systems to manage care for vulnerable populations. Purple Binder is a Healthbox portfolio company. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

Quant HC is dedicated to simplifying medicine. Quant HC harnesses the power of existing data and in many cases the existing IT infrastructure to produce algorithms designed to deliver the right data at the right time. Quant HC’s flagship product, eCART, can detect all cause patient deterioration hours in advance, facilitating staff clinical evaluation that can lead to improved patient outcomes, patient experience scores and hospital economics. (Booth #3688)

SafeStart is a surgical safety process built around an iOS app. SafeStart improves patient safety, patient satisfaction, staff workflow and patient throughput, and decreases overall facility and provider risk. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)

vCareConnect is a care coordination SAAS platform that identifies patients’ care needs, reminds patients, caregivers, providers and care managers (the care team) of their tasks, and enables collaboration among care team members. The platform’s fully integrated and multi-channel (voice/SMS/text) approach increases engagement with patients of all age groups. vCareConnect’s role-based, HIPAA-compliant security model also makes it easy for patients to share their care profiles with caregivers, providers or care managers. (Booth #8191 Startup Showcase)