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Tales from the Trenches Interview Videos

Our Tales from the Trenches series, presented by ContextMedia and Pritzker Group Venture Capital, brings successful healthcare entrepreneurs to MATTER where they are interviewed by ContextMedia co-founder and CEO Rishi Shah. Watch the full interviews below, as entrepreneurs from across the healthcare ecosystem shared their paths to success in building a healthcare business. Want to learn more about our events, including upcoming Tales from the Trenches? Join our mailing list.

Brad Smith of Aspire Health
April 26, 2017

“We have the privilege to walk with people through a really difficult part of life,” said Brad Smith, CEO of Aspire Health. In a conversation with Outcome Health CEO Rishi Shah, he shared how Aspire’s deep mission fuels the company’s innovative business model, and how Aspire is changing the way we think about and experience palliative care in America. Watch the full interview below:

Amanda Lannert of Jellyvision
March 23, 2017

At age 28, Amanda Lannert was named president of Jellyvision, then an interactive gaming company best known for YOU DON’T KNOW JACK. Six months later, she had to lay off most of the company’s employees – herself included. Lannert joined MATTER CEO Steven Collens in a conversation about getting knocked down, bouncing back up, and seeing the humor along the way. She advised, “Take the lessons, but not the grief, and live to fight another day.” Watch the highlights, read the recap, or watch the full interview below.

Mark Bakken of HealthX Ventures of Apertiva
January 26, 2017

Mark founded Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. After growing Nordic into the largest Epic implementation company, he left in 2014 to found digital health investment firm HealthX Ventures. HealthX invests in digital health companies primarily based in the Midwest, with a focus on seed-stage opportunities. CEO Rishi Shah interviewed Mark about the importance of access to capital, especially in the Midwest, and how healthcare differs from other markets when building a business. See the highlights, or watch the full interview below.

Paul Magelli of Apertiva
December 15, 2016

“I don’t necessarily like winning. But I do hate to lose.” So said serial entrepreneur and founder of Apertiva, Paul Magelli. Apervita, which raised $18 million in 2015, has created a marketplace that allows analytics developed at one health system to be used by other systems. Magelli compared Apervita’s business model to Amazon’s Kindle, saying “the most successful way to reach thousands, or even millions, in any field is to create a marketplace.” Paul shared his learnings with moderator Rishi Shah and a crowd of healthcare innovators at MATTER. Read the recap, or watch the full interview below.

Rob Butler of Maestro Health
October 27, 2016

Rob Butler wanted to be a baseball player. He played in college and then semi-professionally, but didn’t quite make it to the big leagues. He did, however, make it to the big leagues of entrepreneurship – having built and sold Payflex and MBI before starting Maestro Health in 2014. Rob was at MATTER recently for an interview with MATTER CEO Steven Collens. Read our recap, watch the highlights, or view the full interview below.

Timothy Walbert of Horizon Pharma
September 1, 2016

Tim Walbert thrives on growth. As a serial entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, he’s spent his career helping brands and companies grow. When Tim was named Horizon Pharma’s chairman, president, and chief executive officer in 2008 it was little more than a solo operation, and he worked mostly from coffee shops, taking advantage of the free wi-fi and parking. Fast forward to present day, and Horizon has 900 employees and more than $1 billion in annual sales. Watch the highlight video here, read our summary, or watch the full interview below.

Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal of ContextMedia
August 11, 2016

We turned the tables at the most recent Tales From the Trenches and put Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal of ContextMedia in the hot seat. For an hour, Rishi and Shradha were interviewed by our CEO, Steven Collens, where they talked about building ContextMedia from the ground up, what the freedom of taking no venture capital money has allowed them, their vision for the next ten years, and the power of media. Watch the highlight video here or watch the full interview below.

Eric Langshur, Abundant Venture Partners Co-Founder
June 23, 2016

Eric Langshur, co-founder of AVIA and
Abundant Venture Partners, author of Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing, and serial entrepreneur, spoke with ContextMedia CEO Rishi Shah at MATTER’s popular Tales from the Trenches live interview series. The two friends talked about the importance of a strong company culture, how to maintain your “true north” in the middle of failure, and the art of personal well-being. Watch highlights from their conversation and read our summary.

David Jonas, PharMEDium founder and CEO
April 27, 2016

David Jonas sold his sterile compounding company PharMEDium to AmerisourceBergen for $2.7 billion. He sat down with Rishi to discuss his 35+ years of healthcare industry experience including hiring practices, the importance of service as well as product, and the staggeringly high stakes in healthcare. Watch the full interview below or read our summary.

Norbert Riedel and Joe Moskal, leaders of Naurex
March 16, 2016

MATTER board member and former Naurex CEO Norbert Riedel joined Rishi onstage along with Joe Moskal, the researcher behind the medical breakthroughs in treatment of depression that Naurex developed. The three discussed their disparate yet converging paths through healthcare, and how their collaboration can be a model for the ways in which academia can work with the private sector. Watch the full interview below or read our summary.

Griffin Myers, Oak Street Health chief medical officer
January 21, 2016

Dr. Griffin Myers of Oak Street Health joined us to discuss value-based care, how relationship-based care benefits both doctors and patients, his path from emergency medicine to entrepreneurship, and more. Watch the full interview below or read our summary.

Jeff Aronin, Marathon Pharmaceuticals CEO
November 18, 2015

MATTER board co-chairman and Marathon Pharmaceuticals CEO Jeff Aronin visited MATTER to discuss his tenure at Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which sold to Lundbeck for $900M in 2009, and his decision to found Marathon soon thereafter. Watch the interview below or read our summary.

Chris Hill, Spotlite CEO
October 26, 2015

Chris Hill was the CEO of Spotlite before it was acquired by Rally Health – he managed to sell Spotlite for profit only two years after founding it. Chris joined Rishi onstage to discuss his journey through entrepreneurship, the benefits and enrollment platform he built, and more. Watch the full interview below.

Glen Tullman, former Allscripts CEO
September 28, 2015

Glen Tullman, former CEO of Allscripts, spoke with Rishi about his entrepreneurial path, his personal drive, and his current business ventures, including his startup Livongo, which helps people live with and manage chronic conditions. Watch the full interview below or read our summary.

Mert Iseri, Swipesense CEO
May 26, 2015

Mert Iseri joined MATTER to talk about Swipesense, the product he began working on while an undergraduate at Northwestern. He discussed the process of building a product, completing a pilot, and finding customers and scaling. Watch the full interview below.