MATTER Accepts 10 More Healthcare Tech Startups Into The Community Bringing Current Count To 40

January 9, 2015

As we near closer to our official launch next month, MATTER is excited to announce another terrific group of member companies accepted into the community. The 10 new companies announced today bring MATTER’s current member count to 40.

The 10 new startup members are:

DRECTED is a new market for medical information exchange. The company connects healthcare industry and physician experts to advance the science of medicine. Authentic medical education engagements are managed, regulated, and captured using their platform.

HealthEngine is a physician-led company implementing the country’s first marketplace platform for healthcare services, enabling individuals and employers to realize better value from their existing health insurance plans. The company’s service and technology solutions harness the power of transparency and consumer choice, allowing medical providers to compete through offering significant price discounts alongside demonstrated clinical excellence.

Inhibitor Pharmaceuticals is a development stage biotechnology company that’s bringing a new paradigm to the treatment of viral infection through a disruptive platform targeting viral RNA transcription and replication across various viral strains.

LaunchPad Lab software gives cancer researchers one place to see and analyze data. The solution enables scientists to focus on research instead of data management, increasing their productivity and accelerating the pace of cancer research.

Ludi provides solutions that help hospitals and health systems automate, track, and reduce administrative expenses and potential risks of physician alignment strategies. The DocTime Log® product suite provides automated technology that tracks physician activity real-time while streamlining operations, improving compliance and creating actionable analytics. Ludi is a graduate of the HealthBox Accelerator.

Mission Control Lab develops devices with biometric data acquisition systems that prescriptively design for the individual. Interoperating anatomy with smart devices, IoT, and parametric tools, the products perform, inform, and evolve simultaneously for the optimized personal experience.

ReSchedule | Med improves graduate medical education in the US by automatically producing schedules for residency programs. The company’s software creates higher quality schedules in real-time that are guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements, and it provides an end-to-end workflow that integrates with the tools residency programs already use.

Sulfighter restores the natural purity of wine by removing sulfite preservatives. Sulfites are chemicals added to wine to keep it protected against oxidation, but they are linked to several health problems. Sulfighter products give consumers the option to remove sulfites from wine just before they drink it — when these preservatives are no longer needed.

Team Interval is digitizing health information management through universal health records. With the company’s HIPAA compliant app, Team Interval is making sure that schools, clubs, and leagues have all of the coaches’ and athletes’ information on hand and in one place, to make it easy and convenient to track. The Team Interval platform will be able to provide access to real-time injury statistics that can help athletic directors, trainers and coaches make changes that improve their student athletes’ health and potentially avoid future injuries.

Third Eye Health enables seamless telemedicine through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform compatible with smart devices, Google Glass and other wearable computers.  The company empowers healthcare and extends the reach of specialist provider services to improve patient care, reduce inefficiencies in infrastructure and to ultimately reduce cost. Third Eye Health is a recent graduate of the HealthBox Accelerator.

MATTER will continue to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.

MATTER is a not-for-profit organization developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. MATTER received $4 million from the state of Illinois to help launch MATTER and recently announced $4.4 million in support from its initial industry partners. ChicagoNEXT, Mayor Emanuel’s council on technology and innovation, is a key development partner.

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