June 9, 2015

MATTER is pleased to announce 10 more healthcare technology companies have joined the community. The new members are:

Aligned Modern Health is building the leading brand in patient-centered, evidence-based, complementary and integrative healthcare. Through outstanding clinical care, a patient-friendly experience at all of its clinics, and development of the most advanced technology, Aligned Modern Health strives for better health outcomes, happier patients, lower risk, and lower cost for patients and payers.

MetaMe is a digital health company that provides a SaaS-based solution to help patients with autoimmune diseases uncover their personal triggers in order to avoid episodes, support treatment adherence, and overcome the helplessness that often and naturally accompanies chronic conditions.

MondoPoint is a SaaS platform for capturing and reporting on metrics that allow healthcare organizations to make data-driven, evidence-based supply chain management decisions. Mondopoint allows healthcare organizations to systemically enable value-based purchasing to increase quality, improve outcomes and improve the bottom line.

Neximatic offers an innovative medical device connectivity solution that streams real-time medical data to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and empowers them by delivering exciting features such as automatic charting and data analytics for clinical decision engines. The Neximatic technology supports both self-hosted and cloud-based EHRs for traditional hospital environments and ambulatory surgical centers.

Output Medical is the digital thermometer of urine output. The company automates the measurement, data recording and data integration for urine output in order to optimize real-time physician decision-making and reduce the subsequent cost of complications.

PharmaCann is a group of trusted and experienced professionals singularly focused on using their diverse experience to legitimize the medical cannabis industry through the development of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and industrial procedures.

physIQ has developed healthcare’s first, personalized physiology data analytics platform, using proven, proprietary machine learning technology to detect subtle but clinically meaningful changes in the health of chronically ill patients. Designed to work with any wearable device that collects physiology parameters, physIQ’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through reduced hospitalizations.

Prefense is a revolutionary new hand sanitizer that protects users from germs with just one application per day. The patented, alcohol-free formula soothes and moisturizes hands while providing up to 24-hours of protection. When applied, Prefense creates a hydrogen bond with the skin cells, instead of just covering the skin’s surface. This bond locks Prefense protection to the skin until it sheds naturally after 24-60 hours.

Quiddity Solutions’ vision is to make healthcare delivery more affordable and cost effective for patients, providers, and payers. The company aims to increase transparency in the healthcare system in order to allow providers to select the most cost effective treatments for their patients, payers to provide input on the cost effectiveness of equivalent treatment options, and patients to benefit from lower out-of-pocket expenses. By giving providers, payers, and patients the information they need to work together more effectively and efficiently, everyone wins.

Zest Health simplifies the way consumers find, understand, schedule and purchase healthcare with an easy-to-use app and 24/7 smart concierge support. Zest’s cloud-based platform, mobile apps and personalized concierge service provide members access to individual benefit details, price transparency, healthcare consumption, and telemedicine – all in one place. With the tap of a button, members understand cost, quality and convenience comprehensively, and can shop for healthcare like they would any other purchase.

MATTER continues to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.

Launched on February 13, 2015, MATTER is a not-for-profit organization that was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the support of the state of Illinois. MATTER began as a project of ChicagoNEXT, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s council on technology and innovation. In addition to the $4 million from the state of Illinois, MATTER has received more than $4.5 million in support from its industry partners.

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