MATTER Welcomes 10 More Healthcare Tech Startups Into The Community

March 3, 2015

It’s been a busy few weeks since MATTER opened its doors to the healthcare tech community in mid-February. Members are getting to know each other, collaborating, participating in events and networking with the broader healthcare community. And, interest in MATTER continues on all fronts including through applications for membership from inspiring new entrepreneurial businesses in healthcare. Below is the latest round of new members accepted into the MATTER community.

The 10 new startup members are:

Briteseed is committed to detecting critical tissue types during minimally invasive surgery. The company’s team is currently developing SafeSnips, a real-time blood vessel detection technology that integrates biosensors into minimally invasive surgical tools, including laparoscopic and robotic cutting devices.

CafeXplorer supports healthcare providers and other businesses that rely on face-to-face consultations with a real-time virtual communications and marketing platform.

EazyScripts focuses on solutions that utilize electronic prescribing and telemedicine to deliver real-time medication adherence confirmation and evaluation. The company’s unique platform seamlessly connects providers, patients, pharmacists and caregivers to enhance continuity of care and improve patient outcomes.

Inspirotec provides environmental data for evidence-based decision-making. The company’s patent-protected product and lab service provides information on allergic triggers causing allergy and asthma symptoms thereby enabling physicians to individualize and improve care for their patients.

Jacobson Medical Services is an early stage developer of medical devices and apps bases on the ideas of Dr. Daniel Jacobson. Dr. Jacobson has assisted in over 12,000 surgical procedures in every surgical specialty over 28 years. The company uses their experience in the operating room to make it a better operating room experience.

LatticeWorx addresses the measurable decline in the supply of family practitioners by streamlining work processes and improving the quality of care. The company does this by identifying possible treatment options based on evidence based medicine. By adopting a standard of care, LatticeWorx simultaneously enables the measurement of outcomes through the electronic capture of data so there is, in effect, a feedback loop tying treatment to outcomes.

Pathfinder Software‘s digital health solutions help medical device and pharmaceutical companies succeed in a rapidly changing market. Pathfinder’s platform connects medical devices and wearable sensors with mobile, cloud computing and clinical systems. The company uses industry leading agile design and development services to accelerate the development of solutions that demonstrably improve health economic outcomes.

vCareConnect is a care coordination SAAS platform that identifies patients’ care needs, reminds patients, caregivers, providers and care managers (the care team) of their tasks, and enables collaboration among care team members. The platform’s fully integrated and multi-channel (voice/SMS/text) approach increases engagement with patients of all age groups. vCareConnect’s role-based, HIPAA-compliant security model also makes it easy for patients to share their care profiles with caregivers, providers or care managers.

VIZR Tech is defining the new frontier in hands-free technology. The VIZR (Visual Information Zonal Reminder system) software allows trauma surgeons to seamlessly incorporate checklists and time-based reminders into emergency procedures. Using Google Glass, tablets, monitors and other hardware, a series of time-managed checklists are put in the surgeon’s hands — even while their hands are full.

WISE is a 501(c)(3) research corporation within the Veterans Health Administration dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of veterans and families served by the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center through the administration of innovative research protocols and impactful educational programming.

MATTER continues to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.

MATTER, a not-for-profit organization, was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the support of the state of Illinois. MATTER began as a project of ChicagoNEXT, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s council on technology and innovation. In addition to the $4 million from the state of Illinois, MATTER recently announced $4.4 million in support from its initial industry partners.

Check out all of MATTER’s announced member companies here.