MATTER Welcomes 10 More Healthcare Technology Startups

May 12, 2015

MATTER proudly announces 10 more companies that have joined the community. We look forward to working with each company to accelerate their growth and build connections with our growing family of partners, mentors and peers. The new members are:

ALGOMEX is a new technology venture that develops enterprise solutions that will bring the predictive power of high-performance computing and machine learning into the field of healthcare to enable precision medicine. The company’s mission is to promote and implement the concept of “algo-driven medicine” as the solution to solving today’s most important healthcare challenges. This new paradigm relies on the availability of an arsenal of technological advancements in cognitive computing and ALGOMEX’s mission is to promote this digital revolution into the field of medicine.

CareSkore is an enterprise software company reinventing case management and care coordination with an aim to improve outcomes for patients and providers. Applying risk modeling and predictive analysis to existing data, CareSkore helps better measure and manage risk for patients and providers. The solution has powerful functionality, robust reporting and workflow automation, and is highly intuitive.

Healthy-TXT transforms patient education to improve communication, reduce costs and improve outcomes. The company allows doctors to record the golden minutes of an office conversation that patients can then listen to “on demand.” Healthy-TXT also seamlessly automates the delivery of the right bits of health information at the right time points following a diagnosis, discharge or procedure.

GTX Surgery rallies communities of medical specialists around cutting-edge surgical simulators that run on the device in your pocket. Utilizing the latest video game technologies, GTX Surgery makes realistic medical simulation available to all medical professionals, regardless of affiliation, location and budget.

Mutare Health is connecting people and health information in meaningful ways that improve the quality of care. By providing hospitals, physicians groups and care providers with the communications technology needed for stronger care team collaboration, Mutare Health is helping to build a better healthcare experience for patients and professionals.

Neurocern is a cloud-based dementia management software solution that uses predictive analytics to scale best practices in geriatric neurology and person-centered care. Neurocern enables hyper-personalized care for dementia patients at the point of care and beyond, resulting in improved patient experience, better health outcomes, and lower costs for health systems.

Stealth Mark is a leader in global anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions. Its mission is to protect clients’ brands and assets from unauthorized reproduction (counterfeiting), diversion and theft. It utilizes the most complete authentication technology available that is simple to deploy and cost effective, and is virtually impossible to compromise.

TKILabs has created an EMR platform that leverages innovative endpoint technology, modern embedded micro controllers and a cloud-based patient portal in order to provide advanced connectivity and data analytics in markets where steep integration premiums had previously presented a barrier to entry for many practices.

ViMedicus is a healthcare IT company that provides patient-centric solutions that combine clinical intelligence, decision support and care coordination to empower multidisciplinary care teams to effectively provide high quality care, especially to chronic patients in outpatient settings. Delivered via mobile device, tablet or computer, these applications offer providers real-time insights into their patients’ conditions, resulting in better outcomes and more effective management of their most expensive patients.

VisMed3D is a global research and consulting firm utilizing a proven platform for innovative research, 3D surgical patient replica development and access solutions for healthcare and academic institutions to utilize visualization and 3D printing technology for state-of-the-art treatment and training.

MATTER continues to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.

Launched on February 13, 2015, MATTER is a not-for-profit organization that was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the support of the state of Illinois. MATTER began as a project of ChicagoNEXT, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s council on technology and innovation. In addition to the $4 million from the state of Illinois, MATTER has received more than $4.5 million in support from its industry partners.

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