Chicago Inno: Meet MATTER’s First 10 Members – ‘These 10 Companies Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare’

By  October 28 2014 

Announced in February and set to open in early 2015, MATTER is a revolutionary startup center for next-generation healthcare technology companies. Backed by a $4 million state investment, the organization was commissioned to advance entrepreneurship in the rapidly evolving medical and biotech industries.

Today, MATTER has unveiled its first 10 members that will be tasked with disrupting the healthcare arena, while also driving Illinois’ economy forward.

“These 10 companies are shaping the future of healthcare with innovative new software solutions, devices and medicines,” said Steven Collens, MATTER CEO.  “The diversity of their technologies is representative of the community we are building at MATTER, which also includes industry leaders, research institutions, health systems, physicians and investors.”

Through MATTER, these companies will leverage the region’s healthcare ecosystem and resources to accelerate innovation. They are:

AltaThera Pharmaceuticals: A speciality pharmaceutical company that’s focused on critical care and alternative therapeutics for patients with rare, life-threatening diseases.

CareTree: Facebook for Health Records, CareTree allows patients, caregivers, families, or providers to create a centralized, coordinated health and invite others to access it.

Cancer IQ: A digital health company that is lowering the barriers to personalized cancer care.

Coeus Health: The ‘Intel inside’ for digital health, Coeus Health brings clinically proven content and evidence-based solutions to the digital weight management market.

ProVazo: Inspired by a mosquito’s ability to painlessly withdraw blood, ProVazo is developing an accurate, low-cost, minimally invasive and easy-to-use blood sampling system.

Qualia Health: A software platform that allows healthcare providers to easily and efficiently deliver personalized care plans to patients.

Regroup Therapy: Through virtual mental health staffing, cutting-edge provision of care, and key data delivery, Regroup Therapy is working to eradicating mental health shortage areas across Illinois.

Resonance Medical: A company working on the development and commercialization of innovative hearing therapies, including a product that gives cochlear implants improved battery life and clarity.

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals: A pharmaceutical company that, at MATTER, will specifically be working on a drug for NASH, a condition of fat deposition and inflammation in the liver that increases risk for liver cancer, liver transplantation, heart attack and stroke. (Today, there are no drugs approved to treat NASH).

TeleHealthRobotics: A technology company using robotics to make heart procedures safer and cheaper.

MATTER is a not-for-profit organization that is currently evaluating applications on a rolling basis; membership rates start at $150 a month and include access to the center’s mentor network, classes, and events.