MATTER’s programs address the needs of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators.



Our curriculum is built in 10 tracks to address the needs of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators. Topics include pragmatic advice on how to segment target customers, recruit founders and employees, raise money, identify and approach customers, and more. The curriculum also provides guidance on new regulations and healthcare trends, highlighting opportunities for innovation. LEARN MORE.


The Clinic

The Clinic program connects entrepreneurs with subject matter experts in the healthcare industry to help them vet hypotheses about their business models.



Our mentors-in-residence are the heart and soul of our mentoring programs. They are experienced entrepreneurs who help guide our members every week.

Living Lab

Living Lab

Partners identify emerging leaders within their organizations to join an interdisciplinary team working alongside our entrepreneurial community for 3 months. The team identifies an opportunity and develops an approach while gaining entrepreneurial and leadership experience and networking with peers. Our inaugural class of living lab fellows focused on adherence.


Financing Clinics

We give entrepreneurs access to investors as well as the tools to build relationships with them. Clinics start with short presentations from investment firms, followed by one-on-one meetings with a curated group of entrepreneurs.


Speaker Series

We embolden our community by recruiting speakers to share their experiences in the healthcare industry. Our Tales from the Trenches series invites healthcare entrepreneurs to share stories about starting their businesses, while our NorthShore Next series brings in researchers working on cutting-edge healthcare technologies.


Midwest University HealthTech Showcase

Each spring, we convene investors and entrepreneurs commercializing healthcare technologies from universities across the midwest. Last year, 9 universities showcased 50 technologies to more than 100 investors.



Inside/Out reverses the process by which many products get to market: the customer always leads these forums by presenting a challenge they face. We curate a room full of experts from across the industry to brainstorm better solutions to the challenge. Inside/Out programs have focused on issues such as diabetes and readmissions.



Through the ACCESS program, our industry partners invite members of a department or functional unit to present their interest in healthcare innovation and their process for adopting external technologies. We then curate a list of entrepreneurs to meet with the partner’s team in a series of back-to-back meetings.



Our salons convene leading executives, government officials, patients, and entrepreneurs to discuss healthcare issues that are relevant to all parties, with the goal of sharing perspectives on the issue.