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Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3)

The Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3) is an action- oriented collaborative that brings leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem together to help support business growth and solve our city’s most important health-related issues.

The State of Chicago Health Care

Read the 2018 “State of Chicago Health Care.” Each year HC3 will publish a similar summary on the health of healthcare in Chicago.

HC3 Year in Review

In 2017, HC3 grew membership to 62 companies, brought leading healthcare thought leaders to help navigate policy reform, and delivered a report outlining the state of the healthcare industry in Chicago and confirming the city’s strategic assets.

See the year in review

What We Do

The health care industry is changing, and we’re here to ensure that the change is in the right direction to increase efficiency and improve outcomes. We’re convening leaders to collaborate on solutions for tomorrow.We have three key initiatives underway, focused on making a positive contribution to progress in Chicago.

  • Policy Framework

    HC3 is working to establish a vision for the Illinois health care environment and the principles that will help us to collectively reach our goals. We are preparing policy recommendations for elected officials to take action on following this year’s electoral cycle.

  • Purchasing Group

    The members of HC3 are forming an advisory group that can work with civic and commercial leaders in the purchasing of health care services for their employees. The objective here is to create a value-add layer of support to employers that connects with evidence-based technologies, care models, and payment configurations.

  • Workforce Development

    HC3 is exploring ways to work with local initiatives on the city’s west side to improve socio-economic conditions for its citizens. Through job creation and training, HC3’s collective businesses comprise strong assets that can be additive to the profound change being led by local civic and social leaders.

  • More

    In addition to these initiatives, HC3 regularly convenes its members to engage in unique and complex health care issues for the collective benefit of advancing knowledge and action within the community.

Join HC3 to Attend Our Next Event

We also host periodic networking events, inviting national key notes.


Steven Collens

HC3 Co-founder

Kelli Enright

Senior Director

David Smith

HC3 Co-founder


Individuals or institutions requesting membership should submit a membership application to Kelli Enright at