About Dimension Inx

+ About Dimension Inx

Dimension Inx is an emerging leader in biofabrication, the next frontier in medicine. Our 3D-Painting Materials Design and Manufacturing System offers the versatility, manufacturability, and affordability necessary for widespread adoption of tissue-engineered regenerative medical products. We are creating advanced biomaterials and regenerative medical products that fundamentally change how we treat human disease and debilitation.

About the role

Head of Operations (COO/VP/Director)

Location: Chicago, IL
+ Position Overview

As a startup organization, we are seeking a Head of Operations with a strong and inspiring presence, who knows what needs to get done and is willing and able to do or delegate the things we haven’t hired for yet. This person is a thought partner to the CEO, driving the execution of the company’s strategic vision and leading internal operations. The Head of Operations is an integral part of a small team (R&D, product development, business development, and marketing) charged with working together seamlessly to optimally deliver a pipeline of regenerative medical products from idea to approval/sale. Importantly, the Head of Operations thrives in the warp-speed pace and sometimes messiness of a startup. They are a hands-on yet empowering leader who knows how to build and mentor a stellar team.

+ Key Responsibilities

The Head of Operations is chiefly responsible for orchestrating the people and resources necessary to effectively deliver quality products. This means leading the charge to:

  • Manage and oversee the annual operations plan and budget, and accordingly identify, align, and track KPIs for performance management, budgeting, and planning
  • Develop and implement effective systems for supply chain, vendor management, facilities, and manufacturing operations
  • Implement quality management systems and controls to ensure product and process quality in compliance with ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR 820 requirements
  • Manage the transition of technologies/products from R&D to product development and commercialization
  • Maintain an environment that employs industry standards and safety measures and applies appropriate risk management
  • Ensure the team has the technical and professional skills, capacity, and business processes needed to achieve our strategic objectives
+ How We Work

As a small team, we must create exponentially more value as a team than we can individually – in otherwords, we must be greater than the sum of our parts.

  • We do this by acutely focusing on value creation.

    • We understand what results are meaningful and valuable, and why, and then create a plan.
    • We define priorities and then ruthlessly pursue them. We plan and prioritize so we can investin the right places.
    • We don’t let ourselves be micromanaged – we take charge of what we need to do and get itdone.
    • We are nimble and resourceful. We are empowered to make decisions, but never hesitate toseek help when we need it to make a better decision faster.
    • We rapidly iterate. Speed is critical, so we fail fast. We figure out how to get to go/no-goefficiently and responsibly.
  • We do this by building to a higher standard.

    • We seek to be the best in our core areas, and partner with others who are better in our non-core areas to go faster and create more value together.
    • We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We have high expectations. We define andcommunicate goals/KPIs and timelines.
    • We strive for continuous improvement.
    • We hire, nurture, reward, and retain top performers.
    • We are good people with the highest levels of ethics and integrity, and we practice values-based leadership.
    • We are good community members. We “play well with others”, are involved, and give back.
  • We do this by applying a “Yes, and” mindset.

    • We collaborate. We partner across the team and put ego aside to get the job done.
    • We are transparent. We communicate openly, honestly, and often.
    • We are not afraid to brainstorm and build on each other’s ideas.
    • We solve problems collaboratively, quickly, creatively, and resourcefully.
    • We embrace new ideas, listen to each other, trust, and respect each other.
+ Position Requirements
  • 10+ years of senior leadership experience in medical devices or therapeutics (even better if you arefamiliar with regenerative medical products or therapeutic implants)
  • Demonstrated excellence in supply chain development, quality assurance, and production scale-up
  • Extreme levels of intellectual capacity and curiosity, creativity in problem-solving, perseverance andself-initiative, and entrepreneurial drive
  • Track record of successful collaboration with fellow team members as well as with customers andsuppliers
  • Even more amazing if you have an advanced degree in materials science and engineering, chemicalengineering, biomedical engineering, or biology

Please note that this position is based in Chicago, Illinois, although remote working is expected in thenear term given the COVID-19 pandemic.

+ Work with Us

Our team is motivated first and foremost by the patients we serve. We are developing a new class of treatments that fundamentally changes how we treat human disease and debilitation.

Today we are a small startup team, but we have big ambitions. We are nimble and highly productive; we work hard and long hours; and yet we are energized by and optimistic about what the future holds. We believe in celebrating our wins, taking care of our team and partners, and playing well with others to advance the field of biomaterials and regenerative medicine. We are acutely focused on doing what needs to be done to get our products to patients – and that’s what drives us every day.

We seek to build our team with similarly motivated individuals. A successful candidate enjoys co-creating and problem-solving with others yet is also highly self-directed and willing to take on anything to get the job done. They get satisfaction from efficiently solving complex problems, being highly productive, and overcoming hurdles. They are ambitious, yet collaborative, and quickly put aside ego for a team win. Lastly and very importantly, they must be good people.

+ How to Apply

Please email Caralynn Collens at caralynncollens@dimensioninx.com with your resume and a letter explaining why you would be awesome for this role and our company.

+ Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity

Dimension Inx is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, committed to creating a diverse environment in our workplace, our communities, and within the industry. All qualified applicants willreceive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, disability status, economic circumstance, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.