About ClostraBio

ClostraBio is a preclinical stage company creating new medicines to prevent and treat food allergy. These medicines work by altering the microbiome – the trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and related compounds – that live in the human gut. Founded in 2016 based on groundbreaking work from the University of Chicago, the company has raised $4.6M to date and now supports 4 employees through a sponsored research agreement with the University of Chicago.

About the role

Scientific Operations Manager

ClostraBio is looking for a Scientific Operations Manager to drive the ongoing development ofClostraBio’s microbiome-modulating technologies. This is an exciting opportunity to work witha world-leading scientific team and to join the company as it begins its ramp-up to a Series Afundraise. This person will engage directly with the co-founding scientists and their laboratoriesto drive the ongoing development of ClostraBio’s technologies. This person will also be theprimary point of contact with external vendors such as contract manufacturers, contractresearchers, and consultants across various domains. While not initially responsible for it, thereis an opportunity to grow into a role building relationships with potential investors and strategicpartners. This role is expected to be both significantly internally facing (driving scientificdevelopment and interfacing with laboratory research teams) and externally facing with vendorsand consultants. This role is envisioned initially as a project manager role with the opportunity todevelop into a broader and higher responsibility position according to the talents of theindividual and the needs of the company.

Educational Background:

PhD in Biological Science or Engineering discipline (e.g. immunology, microbiology,biochemistry, cell biology, molecular engineering, chemical engineering, biologicalengineering, etc.)

Key Competencies:

  1. Highly motivated, entrepreneurially minded and prepared to learn new things andembrace any challenge.
  2. Willing to roll up sleeves and do what needs to be done
  3. Fast learner and able to get up to speed on new concepts very quickly
  4. Collaborative and able to work with scientists with diverse experience and educationalbackgrounds
  5. Understanding of drug development process and knowledge of what stakeholders areinvolved and at what point of development
  6. Able to develop technical and scientific milestones and ensure that scientific progress andongoing development of core ClostraBio technologies aligns with milestones
  7. Detail-oriented and well organized
  8. Mentor and motivate teams to achieve productivity and engagement
  9. Strong relationship builder and manager
  10. Able to translate science between technical and non-technical stakeholders

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise scientific team across multi-disciplinary laboratories; this includes hands-on,at-benchside management as may be required.
  2. Establish scientific milestones then develops experimental plans to reach scientificmilestones
  3. Manage progress against milestones using project management tools (e.g. GANTT,Slack, and others)
  4. Manage the transfer of documents and ensures timely delivery of scientific reports
  5. Participate in weekly scientific meetings and contribute to scientific direction
  6. Will ensure efficient use of resources by planning ahead and communicating withlaboratories and other stakeholders
  7. Oversee expenses and budgeting to help ClostraBio optimize costs
  8. Support technology transfer efforts, including drafting of patents and licensing
  9. Prepare scientific presentations and other external-facing documents as may be neededfor investor updates, fundraising activities, or conferences.
  10. Other tasks and responsibilities as they arise.

For more information or to apply, please contact john.w.colson@clostrabio.com.