About Human Practice

Human Practice is an investor-backed leading-edge digital health startup in Chicago. We serve the most prestigious hospital systems in the country. Our mission is to connect patients needing highly specialized care to these hospital systems’ expert physicians.

We are a small, flat company, allergic to titles and hierarchy, founded by a software developer and a physician. Moses has been writing code since he was nine, has a physics PhD from the University of Chicago, and got to pair program with Kent Beck after giving a talk on Mob Programming at XP Universe 2001 (random, but we hope evocative facts). Sehjin is a fellowship-trained, double-board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, who also studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and Parsons School of Design.

About the role

Senior Software Developer

Location: Chicago, IL
The interesting challenge we solve

Today’s referral process puts a great burden on patients, who may already be experiencing extreme stress due to their diagnosis. The referral process also leaves physicians disconnected, making it difficult to collaborate effectively on their patients’ care.Our solution orchestrates a connected experience for patients/physicians/staff, broadens physicians’ existing professional networks, and requires minimal interaction for ease of use. Our execution on this unique approach explains our success to date in the market.

We’re scaling up our team

Over the next eight months, we are hiring three developers as part of an effort to build out our extraordinary product team.Successful senior candidates will demonstrate truly superior, hands-on technical leadership (code craft, technology use, team process). This is an opportunity to build powerful, robust, and scalable software, while helping us to grow the right team and mentoring others along the way.

The unique opportunity

Here’s how we imagine your first year with us will go.You’ll spend the first month getting up to speed on our platform by collaborating with the rest of the team: pair programming to commit a production feature in your first two weeks and participating in user research to understand physicians’ needs.You will work full stack on both our Ember/Cordova mobile app and Rails/Java backend APIs and services, iterating on new features until we demonstrate they have a meaningful impact on users. Projects will include cryptography, custom Cordova plugins, porting some of our backend to another platform, scaling, dev ops, new APIs, custom Ember infrastructure, feature sets to support new user roles, etc. More details to come during your interview.You will also contribute significantly to company strategic discussions, sharing your insights to push us toward the light, not just through the product release cycle but across the board.We’ll look back on our first year knowing we did brilliant work together. And five years from now you will know that you made healthcare more effective, better coordinated, and more human for patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations around the world.


We offer a very competitive salary and benefits that include medical/dental coverage as well as a retirement plan.

To apply, please email work@humanpractice.com with a brief statement about your interest in the position, a code sample/GitHub, and your resume/LinkedIn.