Baxter-sponsored University Hackathon generates novel solutions from student innovators around home dialysis

Tayyaba Ali from Loyola University Chicago named winner

CHICAGO, June 6, 2022 — MATTER, the premier healthcare incubator and innovation hub, along with Baxter (NYSE:BAX), a global innovator in kidney care, announced the winner of the 2022 University Hackathon program. Tayyaba Ali, an undergraduate biophysics and computer science student at Loyola University Chicago, won the Hackathon with her novel idea for a dual-channel electrolyte monitoring hydrogel bandage for early detection of leaks, infections and more for patients on home dialysis. She received $10,000, a six-month MATTER membership and an internship at Baxter for the summer of 2023.

About 850 million people live with kidney disease globally, and it’s estimated that up to 10 million of them have reached end-stage kidney disease, which requires dialysis or transplant. Baxter is a leader in driving access to kidney care across the continuum through insight-driven innovation and services, enabling patients to live their best lives. The University Hackathon was designed to engage student innovators to consider real-world problems for people living with end-stage kidney disease.

Twelve student innovators were chosen to participate in the Demo Day. Prior to the May 16 event, MATTER and Baxter provided several coaching sessions. Additionally, students received feedback from Baxter innovation leaders, including their Renal Care and Digital Innovation Lab leadership.

“Working with students helps Baxter infuse the organization with new ideas and validate insights into work underway and become a meaningful pipeline to talent and product development opportunities,” said Talvis Love, chief information officer of Baxter. “Baxter’s Digital Innovation Lab team, which helps drive digital health initiatives across our company, has enjoyed fostering the ideas of these young healthcare innovators.”

“Working with students helps Baxter infuse the organization with new ideas and validate insights into work underway and become a meaningful pipeline to talent and product development opportunities.” — Talvis Love, Chief Information Officer, Baxter

“This program offered me the chance to creatively apply my academic learning to a real-world challenge that people face every day. The mentorship I received from Baxter and MATTER helped me hone my concept. I am excited to collaborate further with the Baxter team during my internship next summer,” said Tayyaba.

“Baxter is one of the most important life sciences companies in the world. MATTER has been honored to collaborate with them on a program that marries Baxter’s expertise with student innovation,” said Steven Collens, CEO of MATTER.

The twelve students who participated in the Demo Day shared innovative ideas ranging from medical devices to digital health solutions and represented nine different universities.


Tayyaba Ali, Loyola University Chicago

Student innovators:

Shareif Abdelwahab, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University
Yusairah Basheer, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Madeleine Gilmer, DePaul University
Jason Jung, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Matt Kim, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Jonathan Politzki & Samuel Schapiro, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Maya Miriyala, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Hang Nguyen, Illinois Institute of Technology
Charlotte Nicks, Stanford University
Tristan Staschik, University of California Berkeley
Fiona Wang, Northwestern University

Congratulations to all of the participants for their innovative concepts and effort.