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Our accelerators are custom built to guide entrepreneurs — from startup leaders to corporate innovators — through specific milestones in order to move their ideas to the next stage.

Case study

Novo Nordisk Partnering Program

“Being exposed to the innovative entrepreneurial space is an opportunity for us to think differently about our business and how we approach the problem we’re trying to solve.”
  • Amy West, senior director of patient marketing and digital health, Novo Nordisk


Novo Nordisk wanted to find a way to use the data generated by their insulin pen injectors to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. They wondered: If innovators had access to this data, what types of solutions would they come up with?


Together with the team from Novo Nordisk, MATTER developed the Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge, a multi-part program combining global solution sourcing with a custom designed accelerator built specifically for Novo Nordisk.


MATTER engaged nearly 300 teams of entrepreneurs, students and researchers from across the world. From this pool, 12 finalists attended a specialized bootcamp at MATTER to help them solidify their value proposition. At an event in Boston, a panel of judges selected five winners to go on to participate in a three month accelerator, working closely with MATTER and Novo Nordisk to develop and refine their solutions.

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