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Bootcamps are optimized to provide healthcare leaders with an environment that builds innovation muscles, then exercise them over time. These immersive experiences deprogram learned behaviors — the result of years of training inside a large corporation — before programming new behaviors that have been proven to deliver strong results.

Case Study

HEOR Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

“It was great to take leaders in the organization out of their daily grind to get a fresh perspective on how to refine ideas, build a story and present effectively in a short amount of time. We all came out of the MATTER workshop with valuable skills that are helping us do our job more efficiently and effectively.”

-Program participant

To be successful, internal innovators of large companies need to think like entrepreneurs: They not only need a good idea, but also have to be adept at selling it. One of our partner companies decided to engage with MATTER to help the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) group in their organization develop this skill set.


MATTER produced a day-long interactive session for the HEOR group of that company. Participants learned about new innovation frameworks, heard experienced entrepreneurs share lessons learned and practiced developing a pitch.


Participants gained tangible tools that they took back and applied to their own business challenges. The skills they developed allowed participants to position their ideas more effectively with internal stakeholders and sell their ideas among cross-functional groups.

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