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Our curriculum equips healthcare innovators with the skills they need to build and scale successful businesses.

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Workshop series

Our curriculum is organized into seven core series.


You’ve got a great idea for a solution — now you need to decide if it’s worth taking the leap. Workshops in this series are designed to help innovators zero in on the problem their solution will solve, who will benefit from it and, ultimately, who might pay for it. This series helps innovators assess the market at large, identify their target audience, understand their competition, highlight their key differentiators, refine their problem statement and value proposition, and more.


Building a product and business around your idea is hard — especially in healthcare. Workshops in this series are designed to help you build a strong foundation on which to execute your ideas and turn them into viable businesses. This series will help you build your team, define your company culture, outline operational strategies, perfect your pitch, develop a viable business plan and more. Separate yourself — and your company — from the flameouts and one-time wonders.


This workshop is part of our Finance Your Idea series. Every innovator knows that funding can be crucial when it comes to building your solution. Workshops in this series are designed to help you know when and how to raise capital and how to build a strategic financial growth plan that ensures success. This series will help you outline an equity structure, build solid financial models, make revenue projections and expense budgets, identify target investors and funding sources, build and manage your investor board, negotiate cap tables and term sheets, and determine valuation.


As an innovator in the healthcare industry, specific users and end goals should be kept at the forefront as you design and validate your solution. Workshops in this series are designed to help you thoughtfully and efficiently design, test, iterate and validate your solution. This series will guide you through phases of product iteration, including identifying user needs, meeting quality regulations and proving clinical, operational and financial upside.


More so than in almost any other industry, selling within healthcare is hard. It can be difficult to find the right decision maker, let alone convince them that your solution is worth their limited time. Workshops in this series are designed to help you tailor your pitch for specific audiences, identify and empower your champions, develop a solid ROI model, close contracts and prepare your company for growth or exit.

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Workshops in this series are curated to cover timely topics in healthcare and keep you up to date on the latest trends in healthcare policy, technology development and commercialization.


Workshops in this series are designed to help life sciences entrepreneurs tackle challenges across the commercialization journey, from selecting a contract research organization for preclinical studies through structuring intellectual property, setting up a quality management system and preparing assets for acquisition.

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