Live at MATTER: Tales from the Trenches: Roy Smythe, CEO of SomaLogic

Jan 26, 11:00 am

About Tales from the Trenches™

MATTER’s signature Tales from the Trenches series is an opportunity to hear the early stories of some of the global businesses we read about in the news — straight from the founders who led them to greatness. This series invites seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs to the MATTER stage to share learnings, stories and key takeaways from their journeys. Tales from the Trenches is free and open to the public.

Dr. Roy Smythe, CEO of SomaLogic, is an internationally recognized surgeon, biomedical scientist, academician, health system administrator and healthcare business entrepreneur. Dr. Smythe joined SomaLogic in 2018 and has led the company in creating sustainable and scalable growth eventually leading to the company’s initial public offering in 2021.

Prior to his work at SomaLogic, he served as chief medical officer at Valence Health and AVIA. Dr. Smythe trained in general surgery, surgical oncology and thoracic surgery and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in molecular therapeutics while in medical school. As a medical and scientific thought leader, Dr. Smythe has authored more than 300 papers, abstracts and essays in academic, literary and humanities publications.

On January 26, Roy joined us for a conversation moderated by Dr. Timothy Cunniff, executive vice president of research and development and chief scientific officer of Paragon Biosciences, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, lessons he learned along the way and his vision for the future of SomaLogic.

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