Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest digital health, life sciences and consumer health startups to join us in April and May are solving healthcare challenges from disease risk assessment to telehealth. Take some time to meet them!

Digital health

AGCS — New Berlin, Wisconsin
AGCS is dedicated to globally reducing brain injury in children who suffer from unrecognized seizures through the development of the only FDA approved proprietary real-time remote monitoring software technology for pediatrics.

Briá Health — Tel Aviv, Israel
Briá is an end-to-end fully compliant and secure decentralized data exchange platform that allows data consumers to find, receive and pay for the precise healthcare data that they’re looking for. Bria enables healthcare organizations to control, organize, share and monetize their data with zero effort and zero risk.

Cloudwell Health — Honolulu, Hawaii
Cloudwell Health is the first exclusively telehealth provider in Hawaii. Cloudwell Health (previously We Prescribe) offers a comprehensive set of urgent care, mental health and wellness services to consumers. Co-founded by three residents of the state of Hawaii, two of whom are physicians, Cloudwell wants to be the premier provider of telehealth services in Hawaii, with plans to expand to the mainland United States after one year of full operation.

ConnectCareHero — Chicago, Illinois
ConnectCareHero is a B2B SaaS digital health platform that is creating the masterclass for older adults 65 and older through culturally relevant, live-streamed content to help organizations tackle social isolation at scale.

eFamilyCare — New York
eFamilyCare is a technology-enabled service dedicated to empowering an overlooked yet integral participant in home-based services: the family caregiver. eFamilyCare’s expert care advisers are licensed social workers and nurses with 10+ years of geriatric experience. These care advisers are matched with caregivers for the duration of their needs in a continuity of care model designed to build trust and rapport over time rather than deliver episodic support. They engage, coach and advise family caregivers both synchronously (via video) and asynchronously (via virtual messaging).

Guardian Lane — Los Angeles, California
Guardian Lane is a children’s mental health platform that is innovating how children access grief counseling using on-demand video projects, community and tele-counseling. Children watch, create and share creative grief projects, creating their own social healing network. Featured counselors are also available for 1:1 tele-counseling sessions.

Healing Presents — Medellin, Colombia
Healing Presents is an oncology app created with mind-body therapies, implementing awareness, quality of life and psycho-physiological wellbeing during each moment of the cancer journey. The app is carefully designed to help address the emotional challenges and meant to improve the care and the overall experience of cancer patients.

Lingua Franca Therapeutics, Inc. — Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lingua Franca Therapeutics is a seed stage digital health startup with the vision to accelerate medicine to fully collaborative patient care. Lingua Franca’s solution enables patients — for the first time — to collaborate with their physicians on a treatment plan that encompasses not only therapeutics, but also durable diet, sleep and lifestyle choices, all on a seamless digital platform.

Oncopadi Technologies LTD — Lagos, Nigeria
Oncopadi Technologies is a digital health innovation company expanding humane cancer care across the health ecosystem in Nigeria. Through the patient-centric app and enterprise model, Oncopadi is navigating cancer patients five times faster within the care ecosystem. The Oncopadi mobile app is empowering African patients to be equal partners in their care through technology.

RiskAverse — Boston, Massachusetts
RiskAverse provides unique assessments, focusing on SDoH, lifestyle and behavioral factors, that identify at-risk individuals for different acute and chronic conditions. At-risk individuals are directed to get in contact with an in-network, local provider or one of the care-coordination programs that the health plan offers (i.e., food-delivery service). As the company gathers more information in a culturally sensitive way, the care-coordination programs can provide their benefits more effectively and engage with the health plan members.

SequelCare — Haifa, Israel
SequelCare enables healthcare providers with virtual collaborative care, evidence-based therapy and data-driven treatment. Through a patient-facing mobile app and a provider care portal, the system connects the entire circle of caregivers — primary care, psychiatrists, therapists, family, friends and the patients themselves — around a unified treatment plan. Their technology platform collects data signals from the caregivers, the individual’s smartphone and wearable sensors. This data is translated to actionable insights, enabling the right treatment to the right person at the right time.

Tiatros — San Francisco, California
Tiatros is a mental health and social support platform that combines clinical expertise and peer communities with global access to heal the most common forms of anxiety, depression, trauma and substance use disorders. Tiatros achieves measurable clinical outcomes comparable to those achieved by expert in-person psychotherapy and up to 95 percent user completion rates by rigorously adhering to evidence-based psychotherapeutic methods and social learning methods where users engage with peers — working asynchronously, but together, sharing experiences and practicing new skills and behaviors.

Toolchest — Chicago, Illinois
Toolchest is an API for high scale data analysis building libraries that let researchers run data analysis tools in the cloud, but in a way that looks and feels like they’re writing normal code. This accelerates research by helping software engineers, bioinformaticians and researchers use tools to analyze their data more quickly, reliably and at scale. Toolchest is also partnering with tool developers to create a marketplace of tools, with a profit split between Toolchest and the tool developer.

Triskele — Chicago, Illinois
Triskele is a multidisciplinary performance, rehabilitation and technology organization focused on innovation within the health-care industry. Established in 2019, Triskele was founded on the intersection of business, technology and clinical practice. Currently the team is focused on two technological projects: developing a client mobile application and provider web interface to create one frame of reference between clients and providers and building an anatomy simulator to aid in education and clinical problem solving.

Life sciences

Aarca Research, Inc. — Orange, Connecticut
Aarca Research’s product, IHRA (Intelligent Health Risk Assessment), is a first-of-its-kind technology for the risk evaluation of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. For Aarca’s medically-reviewed, non-invasive and radiation free product, the input is a thermal video of the user, and the output is the real-time risk index for diseases on a scale of 0-10. The product serves as a single touchpoint, portable solution for large-scale screenings.

Coologics — Ohio
Coologics is the first non-drug, side effect free cure for yeast infections that is faster and more effective than current methods. It is the only therapy that stops symptoms immediately. Coologics cures yeast infections by managing the microbiome through proprietary cooling technology.

EPIC Airway Systems — Albany, New York
EPIC Airway is the next, and likely final generation of airway maintenance devices. The EPIC Airway combines supra and infraglottic airway devices into one closed-circuit, interchangeable device that simplifies the procedure, improves safety profile for both the patient and provider while decreasing costs of wasted equipment, supplies and unnecessary medications.

Rubitection — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rubitection is an early stage pre-revenue biotech startup founded to commercialize the Rubitect™ Assessment System (RAS). The RAS solves an $11 billion healthcare problem by providing caregivers with a low cost, standard and reliable tool. The RAS low risk FDA pathway is a Class I medical device that allows a quick path to a $4.2 billion US market. Rubitection aims to launch its medical product within the next two years into the U.S. hospital market.

Consumer health & services

Ready, Set, Food! — Los Angeles, California
Ready, Set, Food!’s patented allergist-developed system gently and safely introduces babies as young as four months old to peanut, egg and milk, and follows the advice of the USDA dietary guidelines committee report and other major medical groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics.

You Night Events — New Orleans, Louisiana
You Night Events offers year-round empowering and goal-oriented group activities that help women emotionally cope after a cancer diagnosis. The organization was founded in 2012 after the founder saw that women often feel completely lost after being released from the care of their physicians. Many women say that the hardest part of their journey is the emotional fall out and the hundreds of stressors they have to deal with (financial, physical, spiritual, relational, emotional, mental).


Lexington Writing Firm — Saint Paul, Minnesota
Lexington Writing Firm is a content agency that is reimagining content creation for healthcare. Their innovative approach is designed to drive growth and success in 2021 — and beyond.

Ollipsis Fertility — Chicago, Illinois
Ollipsis Fertility provides egg freezing at no out-of-pocket expense and generates revenue by making half of the retrieved eggs available for families struggling with infertility in need of a donor. This is achieved by preserving half of the eggs retrieved for participants and placing the other half as a donation.

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