Novo Nordisk and MATTER announce innovation challenge semi-finalists

Congratulations to the Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge semi-finalists, who represent four countries and six U.S. states. These teams each proposed an idea for how to use data from Novo Nordisk’s marketed pen injector device to improve diabetes care. The semi-finalists were selected for the ingenuity and creativity of their ideas, and for the potential of their solution to improve life for people living with diabetes.

The semi-finalists will pitch their solutions to a panel of Novo Nordisk judges on December 5, 2018 in Boston, MA. Winning teams will receive a $25,000 cash prize and a one-year opportunity to co-develop their solutions with Novo Nordisk, beginning with a 12-week, semi-virtual accelerator program in partnership with MATTER. Program participants will continue to build and test their solutions with Novo Nordisk mentors, MATTER staff and stakeholders from across the healthcare community.

Adelie Health has developed a replacement pen cap that fits on to all prefilled insulin pens. The cap includes reminders and alarms, a sensor to detect usage and Bluetooth to send data to a smart device.

Better Living Technologies has developed a monitoring and data analytics platform that aggregates data from medical devices, health and fitness trackers, diet and other sensors to allow for better insights into patient health.

ChroniCare Connect is a remote management service that integrates unique aspects of care often not delivered today and includes specific analytics; targeted, context-based reminders; individualized coaching; and provider reporting.

DayTwo has developed a machine learning technology that enables better glycemic control.

DiaBetty uses behavioral economics techniques to subtly nudge individuals towards healthy behaviors.

Diasyst enables providers to deliver improved diabetes management services to their patients via mobile-enabled technology, lowering costs for payers and keeping people with diabetes engaged and healthier.

Groove Health is an AI-powered mobile app that makes it easy for people to stay on track with their medications, and uses AI engagement and predictive analytics to learn about patients and address their unique barriers to adherence.

HumanCapitalWorks uses proven science to craft custom solutions to the most difficult and costly human performance challenges.

Medopad offers a remote monitoring solution with modular functionality that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of clinicians.

SimpleC a platform powered by AI to deliver ongoing, individualized, evidence-based digital therapeutics for seniors living with varying states of cognitive impairment and diabetes. Their solution is designed to help maintain adherence to their care plan, as well as incorporate provider and caregiver involvement.

xBird employs machine learning algorithms to analyze micro-movements and other data collected by sensors built into people’s smartphones and wearables.

Zingen Health is a personal health record for students with diabetes that uses blockchain technology to record all healthcare-related transactions, both medical and financial, associated with a student’s diabetes care.

The semi-finalists recently joined Novo Nordisk subject matter experts at MATTER to pressure-test and refine their solutions during a three-day innovation bootcamp. Read the story here.