Roche Diabetes Care and MATTER announce innovation contest semi-finalists

Congratulations to the Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Contest semi-finalists, selected from a global pool of more than 60 submissions. Each team proposed an idea for how to identify the right combination of personalized therapies, activities or behaviors that will improve management and provide greater insight into care planning for people living with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

Following a three-day bootcamp at MATTER, semi-finalists will pitch their solutions to a panel of expert judges. Two to five finalist teams will receive a $5,000 cash prize and move on to a 12-week, semi-virtual accelerator program where they will develop pilot proposals with dedicated Roche mentors, MATTER staff and stakeholders from across the healthcare community. The program will culminate in a final pitch day, where one winner will receive $20,000 toward the development of their solution, a one-year membership at MATTER and a pilot opportunity with Roche Diabetes Care.

Until then, learn more about the semi-finalists:

AEYE Health — Tel-Aviv, Israel

AEYE Health is an analytics company that develops diagnostic screening solutions for retinal imaging. By utilizing artificial intelligence, computer vision and a database of hundreds of thousands of annotated images, AEYE Health has developed algorithms that can accurately screen and analyze fundus images and provide an immediate diagnosis of all major and advanced conditions, primarily diabetic retinopathy.

DayTwo — Tel-Aviv, Israel

DayTwo is a precision medicine company that uses microbiome data to create personalized nutrition protocols — delivered through an app — which reduce HbA1c and increase time under glycemic control without the need to eliminate carbs or restrict calories.

Diasyst — Atlanta, Georgia

Diasyst has created a comprehensive approach to addressing clinical inertia and helping physicians better manage the more than 19 million Americans who are diagnosed, monitored and given medications to manage their diabetes.

Healthy Interactions — Toledo, Ohio

Healthy Interactions’ population health programs support more than 20 chronic conditions. Their enterprise diabetes clinical decision support platform solution seamlessly integrates into EHRs and uses evidence-based rules to provide efficient diabetes stage diagnosis with an optimized care plan for each patient at the point of care.

Hoy Health — Morristown, New Jersey

Hoy Health is a comprehensive platform of digitally accessible, bilingual and culturally relevant healthcare access programs including affordable Rx drugs, chronic condition management and telehealth/virtual care. The platform incorporates the best medicines, products, technologies and healthcare providers around the world and directly offers them to consumers and their families.

Illuminate Health — Carmel, Indiana

Illuminate Health’s mission is to be the digital care assistant for the consumer — informing them what to do next, how and when.’s clinically intelligent digital care assistant helps people take medications safely by ensuring safety down to the dose level, recommending the best time of day to take each medication and providing coordination tools for the family and care team.

Spectrophon — Revohot, Israel

Spectrophon is developing affordable disposable sensors for specific chemical substances in liquid or gas. Their most recent product is a complete diabetes care monitoring tool measuring the three main parameters: glucose, HbA1c and ketones.

Tiatros — San Francisco, California

Tiatros offers online programs that integrate into primary care and specialty care treatment plans to deliver an effective dose of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness therapy. The Tiatros solution represents an easily accessible, scalable and affordable ‘high-dose’ digital behavioral health approach to reduce depression, anxiety and stress, and to enhance disease knowledge, self-efficacy, self-care and social connectedness.

TIGAR Health — Moraga, California

TIGAR Health delivers a personalized medicine solution to provide more effective treatment of Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. TIGAR analyzes the patient’s underlying pathophysiology and integrates it with a proprietary algorithm to determine the right medicine for the right patient. This approach saves time for the clinician and improves patient engagement. TIGAR can be used across the spectrum from prediabetes to late stage disease.

Veta Health — New York, New York

Veta Health offers clinically validated digital solutions to further enable care management and population health. Veta’s care platforms support high risk, high-cost conditions, as well as complex perioperative protocols for adult and pediatric populations.