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In this monthly blog post, members of the MATTER team highlight articles from across the web, and the occasional book or two, that cover some of the most relevant business and healthcare topics today.

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology, Harvard Business Review

“Across various industries, we’re seeing the advent of ‘digital transformations’ — companies that are trying to better understand how to develop and harness the power of digital strategy to support their strategies and build additional value for their customers. Many organizations quickly gravitate to specific technologies, tools or digital assets without carefully assessing their ambition, internal capabilities or customer needs in this new age.”

—Arun Bhatia, Senior Program Director

Measure What Matters, John Doerr

“While I’m not a fan of ‘flavor of the month’ business books that seem to fade away as fast as they arrived, I am a big believer that execution is the key to success for any startup. In my past three organizations we’ve used objectives and key results, or a very similar model, so I find it very helpful to read through the case studies and learn how other successful firms leverage the tool. It also helps me identify where we can improve by becoming more focused on the right outcomes.”

—Josh Chapman, COO

Amazon Wants You to Use Alexa to Track Healthcare, The Wall Street Journal

“Amazon is expanding its AI capabilities to track consumer health data, allowing them to book urgent care appointments, check insurance coverage and follow up on prescription drug usage history. They are working with hospitals to mine EHR data to provide suitable candidates for research studies in seconds, rather than hours. The quality of these results is yet to be determined. “

—Pakhi Chaturvedi, Program Coordinator