MATTER built a 6-track curriculum to address the needs of healthcare startups.

Our curriculum educates entrepreneurs through workshops that help them segment their target customers and craft compelling value propositions. Workshops include pragmatic advice on how to recruit founders and employees, raise money, identify and approach customers, shorten sales cycles, build pipelines, and scale up for success. The curriculum also provides leadership training and insights into new regulations and healthcare trends.

  • Understand Your Market

    What problem are you working to solve with your technology? Who will benefit from it? Does your solution truly address a need or will stakeholders see it as something nice-to-have, but not worth paying for? Workshops in this series are designed to help you understand the difference between your user, buyer and financer and how to craft a compelling story about how your solution addresses each of their unique goals.

  • Build Your Business

    Ideas are cheap. Executing on those ideas by building products and businesses around them is what separates unicorns from flameouts and serial entrepreneurs from one-timers. Workshops in this series focus on how to execute an idea, with an emphasis on building a team and delivering on a business plan.

  • Finance Your Idea

    More often than not, financial projections in the early days of developing a solution are incorrect. Workshops in this series are meant to provide you with an understanding of when and how to raise capital, as well as how to build a strategic financial growth plan that ensures success.

  • Design and Test Your Solution

    In any industry, products and services need to be tested; however, this need is especially true in healthcare, where patient safety should always be at the forefront of an innovator’s mind. Workshops in this series are designed to guide you through phases of product iteration, including identifying user needs, meeting quality regulations and proving clinical, operational and financial upside.

  • Sell Your Product

    Selling within the healthcare industry can be hard. It’s often difficult to find the right decision maker, let alone convince them that your technology is worth their (already limited) time. Workshops in this series are designed to help you identify and empower your champions, develop a solid ROI model, close contracts and prepare your company for growth or exit.

  • Trends in Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Workshops in this series cover timely topics to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in healthcare policy, technology development and commercialization.