August 2022: Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

From digital health solutions and medical devices to consumer health startups, our newest members join MATTER from four countries, 19 global cities and six U.S. states. Learn more about each new MATTER startup below.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.

Meet the startups

KOSME cohort

In collaboration with the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME), we launched the second annual Korean SME U.S. Market Adoption Program aimed at preparing a cohort of Korean healthcare companies for U.S. market success.

AIRS Medical — Seoul, South Korea
AIRS Medical develops an AI-powered MRI acceleration that combines classic parallel imaging algorithms, compressed sensing algorithms and deep learning to produce robust and accurate final reconstruction results, enabling medical professionals with higher scan productivity, fewer motion artifacts and better image quality.

Emocog — Seoul, South Korea
Emocog develops a digital therapeutic platform designed to help with cognitive impairment. The platform improves the cognitive ability of patients with mild cognitive impairment, provides offline and AI speaker services to elicit the patient’s behavior or lifestyle changes and collects audio signals from the patient, thereby allowing them to receive attention from all over the world for the treatment of dementia.

Thyroscope — Seoul, South Korea
Thyroscope develops Glandy, a wearable digital therapeutic that monitors the thyroid gland and its complications. The company’s therapeutic detects thyroid dysfunction and thyroid hormone levels using biometric information and heart rate, enabling users to receive a real-time diagnosis without blood tests.

RF Medical — Seoul, South Korea
RF Medical manufactures electrosurgical devices using radiofrequency. They offer radiofrequency generators for bone metastasis, thyroid nodule ablation, liver cancer, breast cancer and hypertension.

Accelerating Innovation in Aging cohort

With support from the RRF Foundation for Aging, we launched Accelerating Innovation in Aging to advance solutions that help empower human connections to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older adults.

Aatlas — Berkeley, California
Aatlas is an online platform that helps people create, share and save for posterity a person’s life story. With engaging prompts and a user-friendly interface, Aatlas makes it easy to gather photos, videos and memories from friends and family and automatically organizes them into an interactive life story, complete with an engaging timeline and map of where life events took place.

Amintro — Ontario, Canada
Amintro’s mission is to help older adults thrive as they age. Amintro is an online community and information hub exclusively for adults age 50+ interested in expanding their circles of friends and staying active, informed and connected. Available on Google Play and the App Store, members of the Amintro community foster connections while enjoying educational and enlightening articles and videos on products, services and resources that support healthy aging.

Dance4Healing — Sunnyvale, California
An award-winning social venture, Dance4Healing (D4H) is a patent-pending AI telehealth platform that helps elders and people living with chronic diseases find compatible buddies to build fun, lasting habits with creative arts therapy, including music, dance and art, through pre-recorded and live video classes (imagine YouTube + Zoom + eHarmony for health buddies). Inspired by founder Amy Li’s recovery from Stage IV cancer, D4H’s mission is to make healthy habits accessible, supportive and fun, enriching the lives of people of all abilities, races and genders. Their vision is to be the global cultural hub and experience leader in bridging art and health.

Litesprite — Bellevue, Washington
Litesprite, an award-winning digital health entertainment firm, has built a therapeutic gaming platform that delivers data insights and improves clinical outcomes. Their mental health video game, Sinasprite, includes a unique multiplayer gratitude module that is specifically designed to reduce isolation and loneliness and strengthen intergenerational bonds.

Naborforce — Richmond, Virginia
Naborforce’s tech platform supports older adults and their family caregivers by bridging the gap between full independence and when home care or health care is needed. We enable older adults to stay connected and live a life of joy by tapping into a network of community members who are seeking purpose and a little flexible income who can help around the home, run errands, provide transportation and offer companionship.

Silwiz — Wilmette, Illinois
SilWiz is a community-oriented marketplace tapping into active, experienced adults to make purposeful use of their time by collaborating, giving back and offering their services to anyone in need. The marketplace helps enable intergenerational engagement and meaningful peer connectedness for older adults.

Storii — San Mateo, California
Storii offers a simple service that automatically calls your loved one’s home or mobile phone three times a week with meaningful questions about their life. Individuals can respond and record their life story answers directly on calls and answers are shared with their families.

Zoog — Even Yehuda, Israel
Zoog’s mission is to bring families, especially grandparents and their grandchildren, closer together through creative communication. Through Zoog’s mobile app, anyone can bring a book or other types of content to life and literally become “part of the story” utilizing AR masks, filters and other visual overlays.

Digital health startups

Connections for Health — Chevy Chase, Maryland
Connections for Health is a technology-enabled social determinants of health company that works with payers and providers to improve medication adherence, reduce preventable hospitalizations and control costs. Their technology platform ensures that their remote case management services are uniquely reliable, accountable, transparent and longitudinal — all essential features of high-quality healthcare.

CANImmunize — Ottawa, Canada
CANImmunize is an Ottawa-based technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize app, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system that helps Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal. The team offers digital solutions such as ClinicFlow to businesses, healthcare organizations and governments for vaccinations, tracking for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and other immunization needs.

DayTwo — Walnut Creek, California
DayTwo, the leader in precision nutrition with the world’s most advanced proprietary microbiome science, offers a sustainable path to remission for metabolic diseases such as diabetes, prediabetes and clinical obesity. Their solution includes gut microbiome profiling, artificial intelligence to predict blood sugar response to foods and dedicated virtual care. Their results set a new national benchmark for diabetes and metabolic disease care — with significant sustained clinical results in reducing A1C, improving time in range and reducing or eliminating prescription medications. DayTwo’s scientific research is cited by the National Institutes of Health as a foundational element in its 10-year, $150 million strategic plan for precision nutrition.

Discreedly — Chicago, Illinois
Discreedly is a digital platform that will be available via both a web-based application and a mobile app. The platform will provide pharma companies with a resource for omnichannel engagement with healthcare providers (HCPs) as well as provide various reports and analytics to optimize engagement strategies. Discreedly provides HCPs with access to information and resources, such as on-demand MSLs, to receive the information they need and prescribe the right medication for their patients. Discreedly also allows HCPs to receive real-time updates on their frequently prescribed medications, stay current on the newest data and improve their patient outcomes.

Sound Intelligence — Chicago, Illinois
Sound Intelligence’s patented sound classification solutions make security monitoring systems proactive, enabling early detection of potential incidents, swift intervention and in many cases, prevention of further escalation. Their technology has been deployed in thousands of applications around the world including prisons, healthcare institutes, schools, public transportation and convenience stores.

TimeDoc Health — Chicago, Illinois
TimeDoc Health is the leading virtual care management solutions and services provider that enables providers to receive reimbursement, optimize value-based care performance and deliver better care through Medicare programs like chronic care management, remote patient monitoring and behavioral health integration. By combining advanced technology and clinical nursing staff, TimeDoc augments existing client resources, allowing them to reach an entire panel of patients on a monthly basis to close gaps in care, reduce costs and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

Vincere Health — Boston, Massachusetts
Vincere Health is an award-winning, Harvard-founded, tech-enabled smoking cessation provider that uniquely combines remote monitoring and instant behavioral rewards centered around a deeply personal, one-to-one clinical counseling experience with patients. They are so confident in their approach that they are able to put the majority of their fees at risk for their payer clients.

Medical device startups

Byonyks Medical Devices — Itasca, Illinois
Byonyks is the world’s first biomedical device innovation startup focused on designing affordable healthcare devices using state-of-the-art medical technology for those that do not have access to such care.

NYX Technologies — Haifa, Israel
NYX Technologies uses sophisticated algorithms and smart, continuous-learning AI to personalize a program that automatically trains people’s brains for sleep. Their patent-pending, easy-to-use solution diagnoses the sleep disturbance — and immediately treats it. Their headband, an at-home EEG, identifies and records the wearer’s brain wave pattern, while electrodes generate sleep by helping the brain achieve the natural pattern necessary for falling asleep or entering deep sleep. Their app on the user’s phone sets the individualized sleep program, using the data from the sensors and complex AI algorithms that are constantly learning. The user gets a summary of their sleep, and based on their matrices a recommendation system will advise of an optimal plan.

Sanolla — Nesher, Israel
Sanolla’s breakthrough smart diagnostic solutions for physicians and patients support the early assessment and monitoring of cardiopulmonary conditions such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COVID-19 and more. Based on AI-powered detection and analysis of previously inaccessible body infrasounds and other important vital signs (ECG, heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature and respiratory cycle), Sanolla’s products can provide immediate and accurate assessment, reducing unnecessary in-clinic visits, saving time and money and lowering the associated risk of exposure to infections.

Consumer health startups

Citadel Discovery — Cambridge, Massachusetts
Citadel Discovery’s mission is to democratize access to the data and technology that will drive the future of biological exploration, drug discovery and health technologies. Their initial products provide access to data, analytical tools and data generating technologies to drive small molecule therapeutic discovery (e.g. DNA-encoded libraries). By generating data sets on a proteome scale (thousands of human disease-relevant proteins), Citadel will enable academic and industry partners to explore novel biology and rapidly advance programs.

Soundwave Hearing — Oak Brook, Illinois
Soundwave Hearing is passionately committed to the idea that good hearing health improves lives. They believe that everyone should have access to high-quality hearing technology without the barriers of cost, time or stigma. By taking advantage of the ease and accessibility of the mobile phone, they offer cutting-edge and stylish hearing solutions at an extremely affordable price, allowing people to set up, customize and adjust their hearing from the comfort and privacy of home in just three minutes. Their otoTune® app blends artificial intelligence, Bluetooth technology and patented software to work with their Sontro® hearing aids, so people can confidently rejoin the conversation and never miss another word.

Zen Medical Network — Chicago, Illinois
Zen is a network of primary care physicians for individuals, employers and third party administrators. They leverage a scalable network to provide a cost-effective option for members to receive the routine health services that are most frequently put off by patients with high deductible health plans. They aim to increase access and utilization of primary care services and enhance care quality and patient engagement.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.


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