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November 2023: Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

November 28, 2023

Over the last few months, 36 startups became part of the MATTER community as Select members. Joining from all over the world, our new members span different areas of healthcare, and some come to the community through our innovation challenges — Accelerating Innovation in Aging, which is supported by RRF Foundation for Aging, and Healthy Kids Healthy Future, which is run in partnership with Park…

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MATTER startup shoutouts: Fall 2023

October 19, 2023

Every day, innovators across the MATTER community are building new solutions that accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives. Over the last three months, startups completed raises, fostered impactful partnerships and much more.

There’s no shortage of good news to celebrate in the MATTER community. Learn more about our collective accomplishments below.

Seven MATTER startups receiv…

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MATTER startup spotlight: LIVEMED Telehealth™

August 15, 2023

Reimagining telemedicine for hospitals

According to McKinsey & Company, telemedicine vendor revenues nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic — a statistic we’re all familiar with by now. Although much innovation has occurred since 2020, many telemedicine solutions are still too fragmented and too expensive.

Experiencing this firsthand as part of his hospital’s COVID task force, Dr. Sa…

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July 2023: Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

July 17, 2023

In Q2 2023, 24 startups became members of the MATTER community. They join us from all over the world with telehealth, remote patient monitoring, digital therapeutics and diagnostic innovations, among others. Continue reading to learn more about our newest members.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, learn more at or apply for membership.

Meet the startups …

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MATTER startup spotlight: Neurotrack

July 6, 2023

Helping primary care teams catch cognitive impairment early

Early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is critical in allowing for the best opportunity for care management and treatment; however, less than half of primary care physicians report assessing patients age 60 and older for cognitive impairment.

In late 2022, MATTER partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to launch a pi…

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