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#storiesthatmatter: Better support for pregnant moms, healthier newborns

February 27, 2020

For Charlotte Gabet, innovation manager at Parkview Health, finding resources to support pregnant women and newborns is personal: She experienced just how dangerous stress can be during her own pregnancy with her daughter Scarlett.

Watch our latest #storiesthatmatter to hear Charlotte’s story and learn more about what motivated her, and our partners at Parkview Health, to host the Healthy Mom …

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#storiesthatmatter: Building a community for youth affected by Huntington's disease

October 30, 2019

We’ve teamed up with our partners at Horizon Therapeutics to spotlight their employees whose personal experiences within the healthcare system have uniquely equipped them for their careers.

In our next Stories That Matter, watch B.J. Viau, director of patient advocacy at Horizon, share his personal experience navigating the Huntington’s disease community alongside his peers.

“We were all look…

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#storiesthatmatter: What do holidays look like for a food allergy family?

September 27, 2019

For most families, holidays and social events — like Halloween — are a time to relax. But for parents of the 5.6 million American children living with food allergies, relaxing during any event that involves food is nearly impossible.

“A lot of stress comes with holidays, a lot of stress comes with events, and it’s up to us — and it’s up to our community — to rally around that. It really takes …

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#storiesthatmatter: Helping aging adults live well

September 19, 2019

Every day for the next 19 years, 10,000 people in the United States will turn 65.

This major demographic shift is one of the reasons that Advocate Aurora Health, a MATTER partner and one of the largest not-for-profit hospital systems in the U.S., has committed to reimagining how they care for aging adults — inside and outside of clinical settings.

In a recent conversation at MATTER, Nicole Pa…

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#storiesthatmatter: Honoring patient wishes at the end of life

July 31, 2019

In the ICU, using aggressive measures to save lives is the norm. When patients are unresponsive or can’t advocate for themselves, physicians rely on paper advance directive forms to determine their wishes for care.

In our next Stories That Matter, Vynca Co-founder Ryan Van Wert, MD shares the story of the common ICU experience that led him to found his company: delivering heroic life-saving me…

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