January 2023: Meet the newest startups of the MATTER startup community

In Q4 2022, 31 startups with digital health, medical device, diagnostic and therapeutic innovations, among others, joined the MATTER community. Continue reading to learn more about our newest members.

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Meet the startups

Digital health startups

Agota Health — Toronto, Canada
Agota Health is a SaaS platform that saves hospitals millions of dollars, multiple full-time employees and weeks of communications. They bring market-based competition and staffing agency management automation to hospitals. By achieving significant ROI and capturing that value, Agota Health is disrupting the staffing agency market, transforming the future of health human resources. They also have a paid pilot with five hospitals.

ApoWiser — Ra’anana, Israel
ApoWiser was co-founded in 2021 by Professor Eyal Schwartzberg, the former head of pharmaceutical & enforcement divisions of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Eldad Aharoni and Alon Sudri. The company has developed two services to support retailers’ customers in the online purchase of over the counter drugs and vitamins, minerals and supplements. ApoWiser is already in use by Super-Pharm, Israel’s largest drugstore chain, operating more than 280 branches across the country with an accompanying strong online presence and serving millions of consumers nationwide. They have proven to considerably increase customer satisfaction and offer as much as a three-fold increase in online conversion rates and significant increases in shopping cart value. In January 2023, the service will be available in the United Kingdom at Superdrug.

BellSant — Washington, D.C.
BellSant is on a mission to expand the healthspan of their members by delivering a more relevant, complete and frequent health assessment that enables members to understand how to best increase their current wellbeing, expand their long-term health and live longer.

C the Signs — London, United Kingdom and Boston, Massachusetts
C the Signs is a cancer prediction system that can identify patients at risk of cancer at the earliest and most curable stage of the disease. In under 30 seconds, C the Signs can rapidly identify which cancers a patient is at risk of and recommend the most appropriate test or specialist to diagnose their cancer. Using the latest technology, research and evidence, C the Signs enables healthcare providers to give their patients the best chance of surviving cancer. From birth to old age, C the Signs takes an integrative approach to a cure. From cancer prevention, screening, point-of-care cancer assessment and surveillance, C the Signs will be there for every step of a patient’s journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Cardea Health — Toronto, Canada
Cardea Health’s initial product, FLOW, is an outpatient, cardiology-focused, cloud-based platform that can integrate with the major electronic medical records and uses HL7® FHIR® standards. Through the use of natural language processing and optical character recognition, FLOW seamlessly collects and presents the most relevant patient data based on cardiac diagnosis. Through machine learning techniques, FLOW also provides patient centric recommendations backed by the latest guidelines from the American College of Cardiology.

Cassidy e-Care Solutions — Winnipeg, Canada
Cassidy e-Care Solutions is a digital health company that empowers people with diabetes to self-manage their health outside the hospital setting. Our product e-CareSmart is a comprehensive diabetes management platform that allows patients who live with diabetes better manage their care by using our digital mobile app.

CognoTrain — San Francisco, California
CognoTrain is helping patients with Alzheimer’s with their day-to-day life using a personalized cognitive training app via games and interactive activities and wearable devices.

Contrast — Chicago, Illinois
Contrast’s solution Speak IT is on a mission to solve the $15 billion dollar problem of clinical documentation inefficiency for healthcare providers. Their Chicago-based startup is building an EHR-integrated, mobile app SaaS solution that uses speech recognition to automate complex charting tasks with efficient phrases of speech — and they go far beyond existing speech-to-text tools. With Speak IT, a provider can speak an action and their innovative click-automation capabilities will execute the intended result in the EHR. This dramatically increases efficiency in a provider’s workday, eliminates manual error and maximizes documentation-based revenue.

HPEC — Miami, Florida
The U.S. healthcare system is expensive, inefficient and frustrating due to unnecessary third parties and friction-filled manual processes that get between patients and their doctors. HPEC’s open, standards-based, decentralized identity system provides a mechanism of secure direct data ownership and peer-to-peer communication for physicians. They solve the $5 billion credentialing and identity management problem, creating a new physician workforce mobility marketplace with the power to intercept multiple opportunities throughout the $3.9 billion U.S. healthcare system, with the potential to go global.

IDION — Darien, Connecticut
IDION is focused on making continuous remote patient monitoring affordable for all through its proprietary skin-applied monitoring device that provides secure patient identification alongside continuous temperature monitoring for early detection of infection. Use cases for this device include: oncology, post-operative, wound care, hospice, orthopedics and pediatrics. This device, as slim as a band-aid, can track a remote patient’s temperature continuously for 30 days while connecting seamlessly into an electronic medical record system. It also has market-leading low cost and will be priced such that it can be offered cost-free to hospitals through CMS reimbursement.

JupiterDX — Chicago, Illinois
JupiterDX is a health data aggregation startup that makes it easy for patients to view and share all of their health data, from EHRs to wearables to genomics. Leveraging patient access APIs that update this information automatically, patients can easily view and share their data with loved ones, care providers and researchers, and are in full control of who sees what information. Patients can opt in to have their health data de-identified and sold to researchers while receiving a portion of any revenue generated from their data. They charge patients directly for use of their product and researchers for access to de-identified data sets. JupiterDX is initially aiming to work with patients suffering from long COVID.

Kiko Health — Aspen, Colorado
Kiko Health has built a clinical decision support tool to help payers and providers leverage personalized medicine, using genetic testing, to reduce healthcare costs associated with adverse drug reactions. They are approaching health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and integrated delivery networks with a cost savings value proposition to have them leverage their tool to preemptively test high-risk members and provide the results and recommend prescribing alternatives to their provider/pharmacist to improve outcomes and reduce member costs.

Nolita Health — New York, New York
Nolita Health is a multilanguage, technology-enabled health solution that provides patient follow-up solutions for health plans, providers and states to help guide patients with moderate or high-complexity conditions who are discharged from the hospital. Nolita Health provides patients with follow-up care in their primary language for better understanding of their diagnosis, treatment plan and additional resources to drive improved outcomes and satisfaction.

Okkanti — Chicago, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin
Okkanti is a digital platform that brings together industry experts, compassionate mentors and their collective knowledge so that more doulas and families have a voice in their communities. The idea for this community was born from the direct experiences of doulas, lactation consultants and postpartum care providers, and the belief that mindfulness-based caregiving is needed more in the healthcare industry. Ultimately, they are driven by the goal to improve maternal health outcomes by transforming the doula industry to make care more accessible to more families.

OraQ — Calgary, Canada
OraQ is a state-of-the-art software solution that harnesses the analytical power of AI and machine learning. It provides advanced patient assessments and detailed risk-profiling in a fraction of the time. Who does it learn from? The thousands of dental professionals who employ OraQ as their assessment tool.

REPROSENT — Los Gatos, California
Patient care is suffering due to understaffed medical providers struggling against thin margins and drowning under patient caseloads. REPROSENT bridges the gap by enlisting a motivated and overlooked expert, the patient. Using a mobile app to capture symptoms, AI-based triage and tracking to improve patients’ preparation for treatment, their system makes sure symptoms and toxicities aren’t missed and in-clinic care is more efficient. REPROSENT is working with UC Davis and Rochester Regional for pilots in spine surgery and is trialing in cancer with Cedars Sinai, Emory, UAB and Morehouse School of Medicine.

SleepArchitects — Newport Beach, California
SleepArchitects is democratizing access to obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment for dental professionals and consumers using a simple, convenient, turnkey digital experience. They offer automated text communication, fun patient education videos, full-service MD-guided home sleep testing and highly-trained dentists using oral appliance therapy supported by experts, making for happy and healthy patients and doctors.

Smiile — Durham, North Carolina
Smiile is a family wellness platform leveraging AI technology that connects families to personalized experiences that help strengthen the connection between parent and child. Their vision is to better the health of the world through play — one family at a time.

Somnea Health — Chicago, Illinois
More patients living with sleep apnea have failed treatment than succeeded. That’s why Somnea Health is on a mission to reinvent sleep apnea care to help patients sleep successfully and live fully. By connecting technology, coaching and care in one place, they provide immediate, personal support to anyone struggling with sleep apnea.

StrongPath — Miami, Florida
StrongPath is a digital therapeutics (DTx) company providing a first-to-market DTx for patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), the standard of care for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Considered the next generation of care, DTx deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. StrongPath has partnered with Tolmar Pharmaceuticals, the #1 provider of ADT pharmaceuticals, to provide an ADT DTx program designed to mitigate the side-effects of ADT medication and improve patient outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Medical device startups

Parcel Health — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Parcel Health is led by two female founders on a mission to replace plastic packaging in the healthcare system. Their flagship product, the Phill Box, is a fully recyclable and compostable medication packaging to replace orange pill bottles. It is currently available in 22 pharmacies across 12 states and coming to a pharmacy near you.

Snow Cap Crowns — Dunedin, New Zealand
A research team out of Sir John Walsh Research Institute, Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Otago develops innovative dental products that will transform the international dental products market. Currently, they’re developing a novel, tooth-colored, preformed tooth crown for treating decayed teeth in children using the minimally invasive Hall Technique. They are academic researchers with extensive experience in dental biomaterials development, dental crown design, mechanical testing and clinical trials, working in collaboration with a polymer manufacturing company in New Zealand.

Wide Awake VR (WAVR) — Ann Arbor, Michigan
WAVR is a better and safer way for people to experience medical procedures without the need for sedatives. When patients use virtual reality to mitigate anxiety, providers can use immersive media content instead of narcotics in the comfort and safety of their offices.

Other startups

Aruna Revolution Health — Vancouver, Canada
Aruna revolutionizes menstrual health management by creating compostable menstrual pads out of food and crop waste that are affordable, inclusive and sustainable. Their biocircular economy model redirects food and crop waste from the landfill into their patent-pending process to turn into compostable pads, which are not only biodegradable but can also be turned into useful compost. This will not only prevent billions of menstrual pads from ending up in the landfill and turning into microplastics but will also prevent the harmful decomposition of millions of tonnes of food waste into greenhouse gases in the landfill.

Docfully — San Diego, California
Docfully is a tech-enabled healthcare services company committed to improving access to healthcare services for older adults, low-income and hard-to-reach people experiencing homelessness through innovation. Docfully operates as a key facilitator and outreach partner for established healthcare organizations and providers.

Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine — Chicago, Illinois
Genesis provides elite-level orthopedic and sports medicine services primarily to Medicaid and Medicare patients often boxed out of traditional orthopedic care — only one percent of orthopedic practices in Illinois accept Medicaid or Medicare due to low reimbursement rates. They have eight offices across Chicagoland and are growing rapidly.

I Heart Care — Chicago, Illinois
It’s a terrible feeling to be caught off guard in any situation. But in the case of a health emergency, being prepared and providing critical health information can dramatically change the outcome. I Heart Care ensures that you always have immediate access to the information that providers need, organized and in one place. Their products help keep track of health information both electronically and printed and allow you to share health information with family and clinical teams in the event of a medical emergency.

Lorient — Seattle, Washington
Lorient is a patient recruitment, advertising and technology agency that also offers expert clinical trial agreement negotiations between pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Their approach to advertising is what sets them apart because their in-house psychiatrist vets every lead they generate for our patient recruitment campaigns. The work at Lorient doesn’t stop there. Their goal is to change how patient data is tracked, viewed and understood in real time throughout the study. The process begins when a patient lead is generated, sent through a sales funnel, enrolled in the study and ultimately randomized. In a data driven industry, they are looking to build meaningful technology that supports the work they do and helps sponsors and sites exceed all their study goals.

OrisDX — Chicago, Illinois
OrisDX provides patients better clarity on their health through novel saliva-based diagnostics to identify pre-cancer and cancer. Based on innovative research from the University of Chicago, their first product detects oral cavity cancer through non-invasive genetic testing of patients’ saliva.

Sentier Analytics — Burlington, Massachusetts
Sentier Analytics uses machine learning and AI to assist the commercial arms of pharmaceutical companies with gaining insights on marketing and sales operations of their business. They help guide customer interactions, and they deliver the most accurate answers possible in an actionable, repeatable and explainable approach. Their core product offerings are marketing mix models and an omnichannel healthcare provider engagement platform. With their solutions, the commercial arms of pharmaceutical companies are equipped with the insights needed to optimize their spend and better promote their products to both healthcare providers and patients.

Wellsom — New York, New York
Your mouth smiles, eats, drinks, shares your opinions and so much more. For all that multi-tasking, it deserves the best care. Wellsom aims to dramatically improve the quality of people’s lives who are suffering from oral health conditions with proven, science-backed solutions. At Wellsom, they strive to elevate awareness of the connection between oral health and overall health.

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