Seven MATTER digital health startups acquired in 2021

Highlighting startup acquisitions in the MATTER community

In 2021, seven digital health startups in the MATTER community were acquired by leading healthcare organizations. These acquisitions embody MATTER’s core belief that collaboration between entrepreneurs and industry leaders is the fastest, most effective way to accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives.

Read how each collaboration will contribute to the transformation of healthcare.

April 2021: rMark Bio was acquired by Within3

rMark Bio, a deep learning platform that transforms healthcare data into real-time business intelligence, was acquired by Within3, an enterprise-wide solution for virtual engagement in the life science industry, on April 27, 2021. Combining rMark Bio’s AI technology with the Within3 platform will allow for deeper access to, and more efficient delivery of, key opinion leader and stakeholder insights to life science companies worldwide.

May 2021: wayForward was acquired by DarioHealth

wayForward, a behavioral health digital platform, was acquired by DarioHealth, a pioneer in the global digital therapeutics market, on May 18, 2021. With the addition of wayForward’s solution, Dario’s platform will be one of the most comprehensive multi-condition solutions in the industry covering diabetes, hypertension, pre-diabetes, musculoskeletal and behavioral health.

August 2021: Apervita was acquired by Clarify Health

Apervita’s value optimization business, which combines cost, quality and outcomes performance analytics with financial insights, was acquired by Clarify Health, a leading cloud analytics company, on August 4, 2021. Folding in Apervita’s value-based payments reconciliation capabilities with Clarify’s cost, quality, and outcomes performance insights will connect the dots between clinical action and financial impact for payers and providers.

September 2021: Now Pow was acquired by Unite Us

NowPow, a self-care referral platform, was acquired by Unite Us, a technology company that builds coordinated care networks connecting health and social care, on September 21, 2021. By combining NowPow’s personalized, evidence-based and flexible referral technology with Unite Us’ end-to-end social care solution and infrastructure for community and direct support, they will be able to scale the science of social referrals so everyone, everywhere knows where to go for resources in their community.

October 2021: Alertive Healthcare was acquired by Carbon Health

Alertive Healthcare, a turnkey remote patient monitoring platform, was acquired by Carbon Health, a human-centered, tech-enabled healthcare company, on October 5, 2021. As remote and in-person care converge, Alertive’s remote patient monitoring will be integrated into Carbon’s rapidly expanding, next-generation clinic network, making home-based care a truly connected experience with wearables, devices and other sensors streaming vital signs to the Carbon Health electronic medical record platform.

October 2021: Explorer Surgical was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange

Explorer Surgical, a digital case support platform connecting medical device teams to providers, was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), a healthcare business and data automation company, on October 14, 2021. By combining Explorer Surgical’s digital expertise in creating innovative procedure playbooks, telementoring and performance tracking tools with GHX’s cloud-based supply chain network and industry-leading collection of data and clinical evidence, the combined organization will help providers and suppliers deliver a higher quality standard for patient care.

November 2021: CareSignal was acquired by Lightbeam Health

CareSignal, an automated, deviceless remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for value-based care, was acquired by Lightbeam Health, a leading healthcare analytics platform, on November 15, 2021. With this acquisition, CareSignal will be able to take extremely detailed and often non-obvious insights from Lightbeam’s population health management and turn them into clinical and financial value in very short order for all types of organizations and populations.

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