Meet the newest additions to the MATTER community

The newest startups at MATTER are making it easier to manage diabetic health, providing lifesaving treatments at competitive costs, redesigning the neurorehabilitation industry and streamlining the workflow of patient care.

Healing Innovations — Nashville, Tennessee

Healing Innovations is a medical device company that specializes in neurorehabilitation. Their mission is to help the patient population suffering from paralysis and neurological injuries through technology and devices. They’ve developed Rise&Walk™: a robotic-assisted rehabilitation device designed to provide locomotor training to people recovering from neurological injuries. Rise&Walk™ equips clinicians with the tools needed to provide a safe dynamic rehabilitation session.

HumLife360 — Chicago, Illinois

HumLife360 is a mobile app designed to help individuals better manage Type 2 diabetes with tools that enable healthy lifestyle habits. The HumLife360 app combines coaching……support to help complement each patient’s medication regimen — providing them with a complete solution for achieving their optimum health and happiness.

Medmo — New York City, New York

Medmo is a medical imaging facilitator that helps patients navigate pricing and increases utilization for imaging centers. Medmo will book a patient’s MRI, CT scan or ultrasound at a top imaging center at competitive prices, whether they’re using insurance or in search of low self-pay rates.

Meitheal Pharma — Chicago, Illinois

Meitheal Pharma is a fully integrated R&D, manufacturing and commercial company that supplies generic injectables. Their goal is to simplify healthcare by providing affordable, high-quality generic injectables to the U.S. healthcare market.

WellBeam — Palo Alto, California

WellBeam is a digital platform for hospital-based physician teams and home health agencies that is designed to help them continue caring for their high-risk patients post-discharge. WellBeam has replaced the use of fax and voicemail to enable physician-mobile signing for medical authorizations and direct, HIPAA-compliant instant messaging between clinicians for urgent patient deteriorations. By streamlining the workflow of patient care, WellBeam’s mission is to improve clinical outcomes, shorten cash cycles and reduce operating costs.

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