Meet the newest additions to the MATTER community

The newest startups at MATTER are making it easier to manage patient care, providing de-escalation techniques for people in a mental health crisis, pioneering novel cancer treatments and building AI-enabled voice technology for senior living communities.

C3 De-escalation — Chicago, Illinois

C3 De-escalation provides professionals in the mental health, public safety and law enforcement spaces with rapid de-escalation techniques for people in a mental health crisis. Based on extensive research, C3 focuses on three groups of techniques to help the brain stabilize: calm, circuit and connection. C3 is non-contact, which makes it unique among other de-escalation systems.

Ischemia Care — Middleton, Ohio

Ischemia Care (ISC) is a commercial-stage molecular diagnostic company commercializing blood tests that help identify the cause of stroke. ISC’s vision is to improve the entire care process for people who have suffered a stroke, including the initial point of care. In addition to diagnostic testing, ISC targets pharma and device companies to apply biomarkers, personalized medicine, healthcare economics and data analytics to new sales channels.

RevMedica — New Haven, Connecticut

RevMedica is an early-stage medical device inventor and manufacturer. Driven by experience in the field, RevMedica looks to innovate in areas that have been stagnant. Their first product in development, a laparoscopic surgical stapler, seeks to disrupt the surgery sector by introducing a reusable power module into a disposable sterile body.

SIWA Therapeutics — Chicago, Illinois

SIWA Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company that has created a first-in-class monoclonal antibody called SIWA 318H, which helps bind to, destroy and remove senescent cells. SIWA has identified a naturally occurring cell surface marker on senescent cells which lead to the development of SIWA 318H. SIWA 318H has the ability to target and destroy not only senescent cells, but cancer cells as well.

Trusted Health — San Francisco, California

Trusted Health is a career platform and resource built by nurses, for nurses to showcase the top opportunities that exist in healthcare — helping nurses connect to those opportunities in the most efficient and transparent way possible. Trusted is looking to replace the traditional job search and staffing approach with an intelligent matching platform to empower nurses to discover opportunities that fit their unique experiences, preferences and goals.

Verto — Toronto, Canada

Verto is a healthcare interoperability hub that uses machine learning to rapidly ingest health data from disparate clinical systems and normalize it under HL7 FHIR. The Verto platform leverages smart integrations, virtualizes care and activates both patients and caregivers to drive automation and personalization in the healthcare system. This platform allows healthcare systems to consolidate and divest simple app technologies like intake forms, appointment reminders, consent tools and follow-up education under one platform — helping free up precious operational dollars while automating repetitive admin tasks.

ViKi Health — Chicago, Illinois

ViKi Health is the creator of ViKi: the first Voice AI-enabled complete care ecosystem seniors. ViKi leverages voice technology, AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), robotic process automation and IoT for the senior living sector and remote patient monitoring. The company’s goal is to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of seniors by creating a comprehensive wellness ecosystem with voice-based interaction, voice-based dictation for nurses, remote monitoring and real-time diagnostics.