Meet the newest additions to the MATTER community

Adze Biotechnology — Oak Park, Illinois

Adze specializes in oncolytic immunotherapy: a type of cancer treatment that creates targeted immune evasion viruses that block proteins to tumors and kill cancer cells. Adze’s oncolytic vectors kill cancer cells directly by exposing cancer antigens to the immune system while stimulating the person’s immune response. The company’s technology hopes to address severe unmet medical needs, increase patient survival and increase patient quality of life through reduced side effects.

Dimension Inx — Chicago, Illinois

Dimension Inx is creating a new, material-centric approach to 3D printing. Their goal is to utilize 3D printing beyond using simple materials alone. Dimension Inx has developed a process, called 3D Paints and 3D Painting, which allows any type of material to be quickly and easily 3D printed. These new technologies are cost-effective and use functional materials such as hyperelastic bone and soft tissue papers.

Health Beacon — Dublin, Ireland

After spending 10 years helping patients with chronic medical conditions, Health Beacon founder Jim Joyce realized how difficult it can be to establish and maintain a drug therapy routine. He built Health Beacon: A medication adherence technology company that creates smart tools for managing medication. The company’s first product is a smart sharps bin made for people who self-inject medications at home. It can be tailored to each person’s specific medication schedule, is completely customizable and helps manage waste disposal and costs.

McRISC— Highland Park, Illinois

McRISC is dedicated to ending the opioid epidemic through an online substance use assessment. During his time as an addiction counselor, MCRISC co-founder Calvin McGinn was surprised to learn that most substance use disorder assessment tools were either extremely brief screens for acute illness detection or 60 to 90 minute, provider-intensive interviews for risk and level of care placement. Available 24/7, McRISC’s 10-minute assessment can help busy emergency rooms or primary care providers to better identify a person’s addiction risk, provide the necessary prevention guidance, evaluate the likelihood of sustained remission and target treatment options for those who suffer from addiction.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics — Cincinnati, Ohio

One in six people die from strokes or traumatic brain injuries each year due to worsening conditions, delayed treatment and lack of continuous brain monitoring. Sense Diagnostics is a clinical-stage medical technology company looking to enhance neurological health globally through technology that detects, diagnoses and monitors brain injuries, strokes and brain bleeds. The company’s Sense device is a non-invasive brain scanner that collects 720 data points every 40 seconds and can monitor the neurological status of a patient at any given time.

WeCare — Sao Paulo, Brazil

WeCare has created a line of dermatological products designed to bring relief, care and comfort to people dealing with pain due to medical conditions. They use safe and effective ingredients that will minimize the chances of nausea or allergies — like aloe vera, calendula and antioxidants — to take care of patients living with cancer, diabetes, menopause and/or eczema. Rooted in positivity and respect, WeCare strives to help patients have positive experiences across the care continuum.

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