Meet the newest additions to the MATTER community

Our newest MATTER members are making it easier to manage food allergies, helping health systems create meaningful relationships with their patients, treating antibiotic-resistant infections and building a support structure for people recovering from substance abuse.


Alerje aims to improve the quality of life for people living with food allergies by redefining how they manage them. With Alerje’s smartphone case designed to hold an epinephrine auto-injector and their app, people with food allergies can easily access medication and alert family members of their location and status during an emergency.


Cured believes that every person should have easy access to the right healthcare services at the right time — both inside and outside the doctor’s office. To help make that vision of care a reality, Cured partners with leading healthcare organizations to help them optimize their network management systems, better understand their customers and create a better customer experience.

Ondine Biomedical

Ondine Biomedical is helping treat and prevent antibiotic-resistant infections with antimicrobial photodisinfection therapies. Their patented technology works in seconds to destroy microbes and reduce inflammation — without harming human tissue and encouraging antibiotic resistance.

Script Health

Script Health is improving health equity by making it easier for people to access essential, life-saving prescription medications. With their platform, Naloxone Exchange, anyone can purchase Naloxone — a life-saving opioid antidote — without a prescription, receive effective training on how to use it and have it shipped straight to their door.

Sober Puffin

Sober Puffin is dedicated to creating an all-encompassing support structure for people recovering from substance abuse. Their platform helps sober living homes, transitional housing and halfway homes manage their business and resident needs with one simple portal so that they can use their time to focus on connecting with their residents.