Meet the newest additions to the MATTER startup community

The newest startups at MATTER are making it easier to overcome communication challenges, take control of your mental health and optimize workflows. Take a minute to meet them and see the heroic change in healthcare happening today.

BrainBaseline — Iowa City, Iowa

BrainBaseline is accelerating clinical research by providing reliable mobile measurement to pharmaceutical partners for their clinical trials through continuous, comprehensive and precise data. BrianBaseline allows their users to quantify and assess participants’ movement, behavior and quality of life via mobile modalities. Their platform engages participants to ensure study retention and compliance securely and reliably.

Callidus Health — Chicago, Illinois

Callidus Health is a physician founded communications platform that focuses on solving complex communications challenges in healthcare, especially those intertwined with complex clinical workflows. Callidus Health has developed a suite of secure, workflow-based solutions with their products careLINK and careTEAM to support small practices, large specialty practices that have a multi-state footprint and multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Cubismi — Madison, Wisconsin

Cubismi is a digital health company building a transformative cloud to empower the art of medicine focused on digital insights. Cubismi’s one file system integrates data exchange, data integration and user experience into one. In the cloud, the physician interface will create new data and user experience models to showcase intuitive order for management of big data and create new “5D” precision insights into the smallest human tissues.

Feel — San Francisco, California

Feel is developing digital therapeutics and biomarkers for mental health. Feel’s first product, the Feel Program, is an end-to-end, digital solution for mental health that combines proprietary emotion recognition technology with real-time AI-driven interventions. The Feel Program consists of an emotion sensor, app, educational program and a licensed therapist available for personalized support 24/7. The program supports individuals who are at-risk or suffering from depression, anxiety, stress-related illness and/or burnout from their careers.

Patient Orator — Mountain View, California

Patient Orator is a digital health platform focused on improving population health by bridging the gap between patient communication, health literacy and social services. Patient Orator’s mission is to make healthcare easily accessible to all ages, genders and races.

Paxmentys — Naperville, Illinois

Paxmentys provides screening tools that evaluate cognitive readiness for work. Their patented technology uses scientific measurements to screen for cognitive issues challenging the modern workforce such as sleep deprivation, drug use, alcohol intoxication and age.

Surefhir — Atlanta, Georgia

Surefhir builds electronic medical record plug-ins that map a patient’s healthcare journey. Their product, Patient Journey Visualization, is an EMR app that creates a real-time picture of a patient’s care, giving clinicians one place to keep track of who is on the team, what they did and when they did it.

Tetrix Health — Tel Aviv, Israel

Tetrix Health optimizes workflow for healthcare providers through their EHR integrated products, Telehealth and Optimize. Using artificial technology, Tetrix Health leverages medical and operational data to optimize scheduling, increase productivity and allow providers to care for their patients remotely.

Vizlitics — New York, New York

Vizlitics is a startup at the intersection of patient engagement and care coordination planning and monitoring. Vizlitics product Cancer Insights is a digital cancer care engagement platform for patients, caregivers and providers. Cancer Insights empowers patients and engages clinicians through a holistic patient centric philosophy.

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