Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest MATTER startups are improving care for people living with chronic GI conditions, creating affordable sanitizing equipment, simplifying the vaccine process and more. Take a minute to meet them and see the heroic change in healthcare happening today.

Able Innovations Inc — Toronto, Ontario

Able Innovation’s mission is to develop innovative assistive mobility devices to improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life for transfer patients. Their first product, the DELTA Platform, is a patient transfer device designed for use in healthcare facilities to perform safe and efficient automated lateral transfers of patients without the need for physical intervention.

The Adrenal Drink — Evanston, Illinois

The Adrenal Drink is a DTC wellness company on a mission to become the “Vital Proteins of Adrenal Fatigue” with an initial offering of a pre-packaged set of nutrients to revive healthy adrenal function and heal the root cause of fatigue.

Agora Health — Evanston, Illinois

Agora Health is a digital disease management platform that enables personalized, proactive care for people living with chronic GI conditions. In six weeks, the Agora app helps users find their IBS or IBD trigger foods and builds users a personalized diet.

Blue Comet Medical Solutions — River Forest, Illinois

Blue Comet Medical Solutions is creating an over-the-counter test for the diagnosis of Strep throat with the option of transmitting the test result to a telehealth company.

BrightBot Inc — Chicago, Illinois

BrightBot creates affordable medical grade Ultraviolet C Light (UVC) germicidal sanitizing equipment. BrightBot’s design utilizes a lightweight aluminum tower that includes non-ozone producing Philips germicidal bulbs that are powerful enough to reduce COVID-19 concentrations by 99.9999% in a 20x20 foot room in under seven minutes.

Canid — New York, New York

Canid allows pediatricians to give their patients vaccines without the hassle. Canid’s software handles inventory and financial needs, along with uploading and analyzing patient data. Their software minimizes the time and energy pediatricians invest in vaccines so they can focus on what’s most important: keeping children healthy.

CareValidate — Atlanta, Georgia

CareValidate helps large enterprises bring their people back to work safely with an infectious disease response and preparedness solution — Care360. The Care360 worksite health safety program operationalizes the 4 major requirements from the CDC for reopening. CareValidate’s secure, anonymous and science-based holistic suite of offerings helps prepare healthcare worksites in real-time and updates as the CDC guidelines change.

HuddleMD — Evanston, Illinois

HuddleMD is a digital platform that combines medical data with social determinants of health information to revolutionize remote patient monitoring for low-income populations with chronic conditions.

KA Imaging — Waterloo, Ontario

KA Imaging specializes in developing innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions to the medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets. Their latest product Reveal™ is a more economical and portable alternative to traditional CAT scan and x-ray technologies, and it provides higher-quality images. By capturing multiple energies within a single x-ray shot, the device enables doctors to simultaneously view conventional, lung and bone radiographs by differentiating between tissue types.

Lorenzo’s House — Chicago, Illinois

Lorenzo’s House is an innovative hub of connection and care for loved ones and their families navigating Alzheimer’s. Lorenzo’s House provides progressive day, residential and respite care accompanied by healing spaces. Through a haven of empathy and knowledge, Lorenzo’s House’s mission is to empower families to shift the narrative of what it looks like to live with this diagnosis.

Luxsonic Technologies Inc — Saskatoon, Canada

Luxsonic Technologies is a developer of immersive medical software, otherwise known as virtual reality (VR) technologies. Luxsonic’s products, SieVRt and MedCast360, utilize VR technology to promote medical education, training and care delivery for students and physicians.

mySkin — Indonesia

MySkin is Indonesia’s first online dermatologist. MySkin offers access to comprehensive advice from certified dermatologists and delivers custom prescriptions for the 50 millions Indonesians with skin conditions.

Oncoustics — Toronto, Canada

Oncoustics is creating and deploying advanced AI solutions for low cost, non-invasive surveillance, diagnostics and treatment monitoring of diseases with high unmet clinical need. Oncoustics applies AI to raw ultrasound signals from readily available handheld ultrasound devices to rapidly differentiate healthy versus diseased tissues.

Sensal Health — Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Sensal Health is bringing to market a range of digital health solutions including electronic monitoring devices, patient apps, patient engagement models and clinical analytic dashboards that provide comprehensive and unmatched insight into patient adherence to medications. Sensal Health’s broader solution platform is targeted across dosage forms and therapeutic areas including solid oral dosage forms, specifically suited for drug therapies targeted at chronic disease management.

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