Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest MATTER startups are improving patient management, providing access to underserved communities, creating safe treatment for tumor removals and more. Take a minute to meet them and see the heroic change in healthcare happening today.

flipMD — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

flipMD is a marketplace where physicians can source and secure consulting jobs coming from a broad range of clients across all major industries that require medical experts. Within the marketplace, clients can set the parameters of their jobs, including a fixed-rate budget or hourly rate, and will receive bids from interested consultants.

HealthHive, PBC — New Jersey

HealthHive’s broad-based B2B SaaS solution integrates existing clinical and non-clinical systems around the individual and leverages the power of the formal and informal care team. HealthHive is looking to improving care management by providing an organized solution for medical records and information, with embedded tools for ongoing care, communication and health and wellness information tracking.

HUED — Washington

HUED is a technology-enabled platform that provides Black and Latinx communities with access to culturally-competent, high-quality healthcare providers. HUED is reducing the barriers that these communities face due to fear, distrust, comfortability and lack of access to quality medical care, and seeks to help 50,000 Black and Latinx patients by 2025.

Novian Health — Chicago, Illinois

Novian Health has developed the Novilase® Laser System — an image-guided treatment that enables physicians to eliminate tumors. Novian Health is focused on providing women with a minimally invasive alternative to surgery for cancerous and non-cancerous breast tumors. Novilase Breast Therapy uses parametrically controlled heating to ablate breast tumors with improved outcomes and lower costs versus surgery. — Boston, Massachusetts

Praktice provides an AI-powered care navigation technology for payers and providers to help guide health consumers to the right care options, enable better care outcomes and increase revenue. The software acts as an employee and incorporates artificial intelligence, behavioral science and data science to help patients navigate to the right care options and automate frontline operations.

Tianhe Stem Cell Biotechnologies — Paramus, New Jersey

Tianhe Stem Cell Biotechnologies is a biotechnology company that develops stem cell innovations to bring comprehensive healing to individuals with diabetes and autoimmune diseases. With more than seven patented technologies, Tianhe aims at translating its current technologies and ongoing research into clinical applications.

Thesus Medical Products Group — Chevy Chase, Maryland

Thesus Medical Products group (TMPG) is an innovative medical technology and services company that is building a device to enable home health nurses to easily engage with and care for their patients who wish to remain in their home. TPMG’s device dispenses medications, takes vitals and has a secure video conferencing feature that allows patients to consult with their physician and home health nurse. With their device, TMPG aims to improve patient care plan compliance at a lower service cost and reduce hospital readmissions.

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