Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest MATTER startups are streamlining patient care, preventing blindness, helping people overcome panic attacks and more. Take a minute to meet them and see the heroic change in healthcare happening today.

AEYE Health — New York, New York

AEYE Health is working to prevent blindness by using an artificial intelligence retinal screening system. AEYE Health has developed a highly accurate system that analyzes fundus images, providing an immediate automated diagnosis of a variety of sight-threatening conditions as well as systemic problems such as dementia or hypertension.

AmbiFi — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

AmbiFi is a no-code, mobile and voice-first human performance SaaS platform for clinicians and by clinicians. AmbiFi allows clinicians to create and run their own clinical copilot ambiis (guided experiences authored by experts), tailor-made for every team, procedure, practice, protocol, method and experience for learning and performing.

Geneticure — Rochester, Minnesota

Geneticure is a Mayo Clinic-backed company that has crafted a cheek swab test with the ability to predict individual treatment response for high blood pressure medications. Geneticure is helping to solve the trial-and-error approach with hypertension or high blood pressure by utilizing the genetics of integrative physiology. They also have a patent-pending panel in development to better triage and treat COVID-19 based on genetics.

Healthcare Forward — Carmel, Indiana

Healthcare Forward is a physician-led company that partners with healthcare organizations to develop and deploy a scalable high value care infrastructure. Healthcare Forward’s platform targets low-value tests and treatments, improving the quality of care while significantly reducing costs.

Novela Neurotechnologies Inc. — Alameda, California

Novela Neurotechnologies’s artificial intelligence platform, Neureka™, leverages everyday consumer technology and wearables to connect patients with their clinicians and caregivers. Neureka allows for continuous care, a reduced risk of premature death and lower treatment costs.

Roga Sciences — Tel Aviv, Israel

Roga Sciences is an evidence-based digital therapeutics solution to help prevent and overcome panic attacks. They company’s mobile app, Roga-I applies biological findings in psychiatric disorders like PTSD and anxiety to a 30-day program by offering a personalized, guided breathing-retraining practice with the use of software and hardware. After the 30-day program, users follow the wellness module provided to maintain and improve results.

Siris Medical — Burlingame, California

Siris Medical is personalizing cancer therapy with their AI-driven software suite, InsightRT™. Siris’s clinical decision support software leverages past clinical experience to help guide treatment decision making for radiation oncologists and payers to help reduce treatment related side effects and start patient treatment sooner.

Wave Therapeutics — Nashville, Indiana

Wave Therapeutics is a medical device startup with patent-pending technology that reduces the risks of pressure injuries for the mobility impaired. Wave’s therapeutic wheelchair cushions combine safe, effective and medically recognized treatments to significantly reduce the risks of pressure injury, adverse clotting, leg pain and cramping.

Wellsheet — Newark, New Jersey

Wellsheet’s AI-powered predictive clinical workflow platform pulls data from electronic health records, prioritizes clinical content through specialized machine learning algorithms and optimizes the provider workflow. Wellsheet assembles pertinent information by anticipating the needs of the doctor to help facilitate a more effortless episode of care. It assembles the right information in an intuitive workflow that allows providers to arrive at the right clinical insights.

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