Meet the newest members joining the MATTER startup community

The newest startups at MATTER are treating post-traumatic osteoarthritis, using music therapy to engage seniors and caregivers, fighting against COVID-19 and making in-vitro fertilization treatments (IVF) readily available. Take a minute to meet them and see the heroic change in healthcare happening today.

CartilaGen, Inc. — Iowa City, Iowa

CartilaGen, Inc. is working to solve post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) through an intra-articular injection of a small-molecule drug suspended in a hydrogel vehicle which effectively prevents the development of PTOA. CartilaGen’s solution aims to target the earliest stage of PTOA development and treat the underlying disease mechanism in a cost-effective way.

reMindA.I. — Musical Therapeutics — New York, New York

reMindA.I. is a music curation application and purpose-designed listening device that enables seniors to engage in daily, timed listening sessions. The sessions not only help promote feelings of emotional and social connection for seniors, but also help build confidence and a sense of mission fulfillment for caregivers. reMindA.I.’s application processes biographical data and known music preferences, input remotely by caregivers, and generates individualized playlists for each senior listener.

Vital Circle, LLC — Chicago, Illinois

Vital Circle is a COVID-19 daily symptom tracking and contact tracing application for employers, schools and organizations. Vital Circle provides companies and organizations with data and analytics to mitigate the current and future risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Univfy Inc. — Los Altos, California

Univfy is an AI platform that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and human empathy to improve the fertility patient’s experience by enabling easier navigation and expanding IVF treatment access and success. The Univfy platform provides scientifically validated personalized reports and AI-assisted value-based pricing.

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