Spring 2024: Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

Recently, 14 startups became part of the MATTER community as Select members. Our new members span different areas of healthcare, from digital health to medical devices and more.

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Meet the startups

Emboa Medical — West Lafayette, Indiana:
Emboa Medical has developed a novel blood clot extraction device to address the prevalent issue of stroke, which is the second leading cause of death in the world. Current tools for surgeons solving ischemic stroke rely on removing blood clots to restore blood flow to the brain, but their tools are limited with smaller sized blood vessels. Using nature-inspired design, Emboa Medical has developed a pioneering tool that increases blood clot extraction forces regardless of blood vessel size.

Aayu Well — Chicago, Illinois:
Aayu Well, deriving its name from the ancient Sanskrit term meaning “to live” and “to age,” is founded by a physician with extensive patient care experience. They are on a mission to create human-centered tools that empower individuals to lead their healthiest lives.

Rheumera — Bloomington, Illinois:
Rheumera is on a mission to improve the lives of rheumatic patients and the providers who care for them. Rheumera, via its mobile app, tracks and monitors each patient’s unique experiences and symptoms so that their physician, leveraging the physician portal and AI-generated summaries, can measure therapeutic responses to treatments and adjust as needed.

Cortigent — Valencia, California:
Cortigent is a leading developer of precision cortical neurostimulation systems that helps patients recover critical body functions. The company’s platform technology combines neuroscience principles with proprietary microelectronics, software and data processing capabilities to provide artificial vision and potentially restore muscle movement in victims of stroke.

PragmaClin — St. John’s, Canada:
PragmaClin is transforming neurological disease monitoring by using innovative digital tools to manage movement disorder assessments from home.

Neuraura — Calgary, Canada:
Neuraura is bringing to market the first effective, widely accessible treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as an over-the-counter, affordable device that augments the body’s natural processes rather than just masking symptoms.

FemTherapeutics — Montreal, Canada:
FemTherapeutics is a Montreal-based medical device company on a mission to personalize therapeutics for women. The company has developed a gynecology platform that leverages artificial intelligence and 3D printing to produce the world’s first category of personalized prosthetics for women+’s health.

Strata Health — Calgary, Canada:
Strata Health is the leading provider of intelligent, digital tools for resource allocation, eReferrals, patient transitions and continual patient flow innovation across the entire care continuum.

MedRepAI — Indianapolis, Indiana:
MedRepAI connects physicians and other healthcare professionals to medical device vendor representatives via a centralized scheduling platform, which includes in-app messaging.

SMARTCharts — Chicago, Illinois:
SMARTCharts is a web-based application that automates clinician documentation and facilitates communications via visualization in speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Neurowyzr — Singapore:
Neurowyzr is a deep neuroscience and brain capital company using the latest discoveries in neuroscience to optimize corporate and population brain health and performance. Built by neuroscientists and powered by advanced analytics and AI, Neurowyzr offers a digital platform and software as a service to unlock the potential of individuals and organizations.

Ellison Laboratories — Wellington, Florida:
Ellison Laboratories improves outcomes for a diverse aging population by providing transparency into healthcare data across care settings and assembling a longitudinal patient record. This helps patients and caregivers manage care and helps providers have the requisite information to devise proper diagnoses and treatment plans. The data is then leveraged to provide user-friendly health summaries and chronic disease risk predictions including risk predictions for Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

Cognes Medical Solutions — Helsingborg, Sweden:
Cognes Medical Solutions is a med tech company specializing in early dementia detection through a cutting-edge SaaS solution. Utilizing machine learning and computer vision technologies, they analyze facial features for digital biomarkers indicative of early signs of dementia. Focused on scalability and accuracy, their platform aims to revolutionize the way the healthcare industry, academic institutions and insurance companies approach dementia screening and treatment.

1step — Bolingbrook, Illinois:
1step aims to facilitate the centralization of the extensive repository of open-source data on patients with Alzheimer’s disease while ensuring data comparability. These insights hold the promise of enabling clinicians to intervene proactively, potentially enhancing the quality of life for affected individuals. Moreover, this valuable resource will be made accessible for research endeavors, advancing the ongoing battle against Alzheimer’s disease.