Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

In August and September 2021, thirty-two startups joined the MATTER community. Their innovations range from medical tests and devices and care management platforms to digital health solutions that improve the healthcare experience for all.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.

Meet the startups

Accentedge — Chicago, Illinois
Accentedge is a leader in digital transformation that delivers major cost reductions, streamlined workflows, automated processes, improved compliance, deployment of enterprise-level solutions and enhanced profitability for some of the largest organizations in the public and private sectors.

Adaptrack — Chicago, Illinois
Adaptrack’s mission is to help physicians and their teams work and live better. Their AI-powered, practice-savvy, digital solution helps physicians and their teams navigate, learn and adapt to clinical, administrative and personal risks. Adaptrack enables physicians to provide high-quality patient care, avoid burnout and mitigate malpractice risks while meeting the constant requirements of non-clinical tasks.

Amrayco — Chicago, Illinois
Amrayco’s product, CertAlert, is a wearable medication adherence device that is disguised as a pendant. The tiny computer manages, tracks and notifies the user’s medication regime. It also compiles data from the individual users as well as wider demographic groups.

Aware Healthcare — San Francisco, California
Aware Healthcare is the first network of therapists who use treatment based on science and data shared by patients to deliver truly personalized mental healthcare. They’re creating a new mental healthcare system with the promise of access and quality by building a national provider network and patient data platform that makes it easy for patients to find the right therapist and get the right care.

Biomotum — Flagstaff, Arizona
Biomotum is on a mission to redefine mobility by providing innovative wearable solutions to physical therapists, orthotic and prosthetic professionals and individuals experiencing walking impairment and disability. The combination of high-tech materials with a functional approach to solving everyday mobility problems creates intuitive mobility systems which are highly effective and accessible to the end user.

Bonifier — Columbus, Ohio
Bonifier envisions a future where all kids impacted by illness are empowered to overcome their fears, anxieties and loneliness. Their web-based, vigilant sidekick, Pip, will help kids recognize and process their emotions and learn positive coping skills, help parents realize a deeper understanding of their child(ren) and ease the burden on clinicians by doing some of the lighter lifting and providing individualized data so they can optimize care at scale.

DNAVisit — San Diego, California
DNAVisit is reimagining how genetic counseling can help unlock the full potential of genomics in healthcare. They utilize artificial intelligence to aid and augment certified genetic counselors and pharmacists during pre-test and post-test services — with an emphasis on hereditary genetics, pharmacogenetics, family planning and direct-to-consumer genetics.

Grace Venture Partners — Evanston, Illinois
Grace Venture Partners is a venture capital firm and a startup studio based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm seeks to invest in early-stage healthcare companies.

Grapefruit Health — Chicago, Illinois
Grapefruit Health supercharges community health programs in a cost-effective, scalable way so everyone can receive the outreach they need to live their best lives. They recruit and train nursing students to interact with at-risk seniors remotely while utilizing their unique platform to communicate securely, capture data, make community referrals and escalate as needed.

Gravitrex — Phoenix, Arizona
Gravitrex’s mission is to bring freedom of movement to millions of people living with physical disabilities. Gravitrex™ is a novel, patent-pending device that simulates a reduced-gravity environment, making walking easier.

Health Note — San Francisco, California
Health Note’s mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn enable doctors to have up-to-date, clinical-grade, patient-generated health records at the right place and time. They have helped power over 100,000 patient visits and aim to continue helping providers collect, organize and document patient information while assisting patients to better prepare for their visits.

Hearts Radiant — Cofrentes, Spain
Hearts Radiant’s longevity coach, Rosita, helps people ages 60 and older reduce their chronic pain and improve their health biomarkers — like agility, stamina and strength — to extend their healthy lives. Rosita helps people define and adhere to a strategic plan tested by thousands of people at the largest longevity school in Europe.

HeartScreen Health — Chicago, Illinois
HeartScreen’s innovative telemedicine toolkit lets doctors listen to heart sounds during telemedicine visits by turning a patient’s smartphone microphone into a stethoscope. The app captures heart sounds and transmits the recorded sounds to the doctor’s computer, enabling the doctor to make a diagnosis from anywhere in the world.

Infer Health IT — Little Elm, Texas
Infer Health IT strives to develop healthcare information technology applications that healthcare organizations have difficulty developing in-house. By implementing an Agile approach, they develop the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution while emphasizing continuous communication and collaboration with their partners.

Joint Preservation Innovations — Naperville, Illinois
Joint Preservation Innovations (JPI) seeks to innovate and incubate solutions for orthopedic surgeons committed to helping patients maintain healthy, active lifestyles in spite of joint injury. By applying the technology and engineering of tomorrow, JPI aims to improve orthopedic solutions for cartilage degeneration and joint pathologies that often require patients to consider artificial joint replacement earlier in life.

KAVILAB — Seoul, South Korea
KAVILAB is a healthcare information technology company developing an automated preoperative planning system for orthopedic surgery. They aim to develop treatment assistance solutions with artificial intelligence for better treatment outcomes and patient experiences.

Kilo Health — Vilnius, Lithuania
Kilo Health was founded to design the most engaging and effective digital lifestyle interventions that lead to a healthier life by preventing, managing or treating various health conditions. They provide unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurial talents and visionaries to build digital health products of the future and have reached over four million users in almost every corner of the world.

PainNavigator — Chicago, Illinois
Developed by leading pain management experts, PainNavigator focuses on every aspect of chronic pain. Their customized program includes modules that address the physical, psychological and social impacts of pain on wellbeing. From exercise therapy and mind-body strengthening to wellness strategies, PainNavigator helps people take back control of their lives.

Perx Health — Perth, Australia
Perx Health is a digital care company building the world’s highest-engagement programs for daily condition management. Their world-class engagement and proprietary behavioral science are proven to improve clinical health outcomes for all types of patients regardless of their level of health literacy, socioeconomic status or complex comorbidity while saving costs for healthcare organizations.

Phiex Technologies — Boston, Massachusetts
Phiex Technologies’ on-demand activation technology is the foundation of self-sterilizing films, packaging and devices that address today’s problems and build a solution for tomorrow.

Pillar — Austin, Texas
Pillar believes the future of affordable patient care will be managed by a health coach who works with clients in a continuous care model that increases engagement, reduces costs and improves health outcomes while shifting the burden away from physicians. Pillar is the first coaching platform to partner exclusively with health coaches trained in programs accredited with the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Prenome — San Francisco, California
Prenome’s women’s health solution enables the early identification of risks and individualized interventions to lower costs and improve outcomes across the women’s healthcare continuum without reliance on expensive treatments and therapeutics. Their platform was developed in collaboration with the leading experts in women’s health and personalized medicine.

PROMISS Diagnostics — Milwaukee, Wisconsin
PROMISS® Diagnostics develops an innovative, non-invasive ovarian cancer diagnostic test to help clinicians detect ovarian cancer early while lowering costs and improving patient outcomes. The PROMISS test utilizes well-characterized, objective parameters in a proprietary algorithm to provide a concise score that indicates the presence of ovarian cancer.

Rescue Health — Grand Rapids, Michigan
Rescue Health aims to be the world’s leading innovator of healthcare technology that has a direct positive impact on patients and providers. They have a distinctive platform designed to create positive collaboration in healthcare by utilizing proven processes that improve the quality of care and communication and decrease healthcare costs.

ScribeLink — San Jose, California
ScribeLink’s comprehensive communication platform enables physicians to focus on care while a scribe takes notes directly in the electronic health record system and relays requested information to the physician. Their solution improves physician efficiency, moves physician focus to the patient — and away from the computer — and improves the care experience.

Seven Starling — New York, New York
Seven Starling is a next-generation membership supporting parents through pregnancy and early parenthood. Using the most effective, evidence-based frameworks like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group-based support and dedicated coaching, their programs put parents in control of their health and wellbeing.

SMART Charts — Chicago, Illinois
SMART Charts is a secure, privacy-compliant and customizable solution for goal writing, data tracking and note-taking in education and healthcare environments. SMART Charts’ online platform gives hospitals and clinics broader reach, faster communications, increased patient engagement and loyalty and improved cost-efficiency.

SpotSum — Chicago, Illinois
SpotSum’s mission is to build better communities by improving physical and mental health while fueling local economies. SpotSum is a fitness streaming platform with a rewards marketplace where people can complete live and on-demand workouts from fitness and wellness champions to earn rewards from local businesses.

Sustainable Wellness through Innovation, Technology and Community Health (SWITCH) — Chicago, Illinois
SWITCH leverages technology-enabled solutions that increase health equity and measurably improve community health delivery and wellness outcomes in historically underserved communities. SWITCH will enhance and commercialize the OSF CommunityConnect platform, a digital solution that helps healthcare organizations create better patient care plans, track patient outcomes, assist with social determinants of health and achieve measurable improvements in the health outcomes of a community.

The Collaboratory — Chicago, Illinois
The Collaboratory’s AI-powered aggregation, search and recommendation tools help life sciences researchers navigate an ocean of public and private data and always find what’s hyper-relevant. Their platform helps organizations reduce wasteful rework, save money and shorten time to market.

The Women’s Health Initiative — Chicago, Illinois
The Women’s Health Initiative aims to strategically develop a mobile app for Black women on the south side of Chicago to help bridge gaps between communities and the public health system through behavioral health surveillance, direct connection to community and their lived experiences, increase social support and community investment and share resources to help meet basic social and mental health needs.

Welwaze Medical — Miami, Florida
Welwaze Medical is committed to developing medical devices that create a higher level of care management capability. Their product, Celbrea®, will be the first fully integrated breast health monitoring system, bringing together a breast thermal sensor device and a powerful app to support the early detection of breast disease, including breast cancer.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.