Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest MATTER startups are improving the patient and practitioner experience, providing preventative cardiovascular solutions and more. Some of our newest members are also part of the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME) and MATTER’s six-month U.S. market adoption program. Take a minute to meet them and see how their solutions are contributing to the healthcare ecosystem.

Consumer health & services

TayCo Brace, Inc. — South Bend, Indiana
TayCo Brace, Inc. allows patients to return to their activities of daily living faster than the average care system. The TayCo External Ankle Brace provides stability without limiting function for patients recovering from acute and chronic ankle injuries. It fits over the user’s shoe, providing comfort and protection against soft tissue damage. TayCo offers both an acute prefabricated and custom-fitted brace as well as a fully custom fabricated brace for chronic issues or moderate to severe foot deformities.

TPA Stream — Cleveland, Ohio
TPA Stream is an insurtech software company. TPA Stream works with health insurance brokers and third party administrators to help customers win business and streamline operations. Their solutions include claims harvesting, employer invoicing and claims and enrollment integrations.

Zing Health Holdings, Inc. — Chicago, Illinois
Zing Health Holdings, Inc is a groundbreaking tech-enabled insurance company making Medicare Advantage the best it can be for those 65 and over or with long-term disability. Zing Health’s community-based approach addresses social determinants of health to keep individuals and communities healthy and returns the physician and the member to the center of the healthcare equation.

Digital health

Acorai — Helsingborg, Sweden
Acorai is developing an AI-based medical device that could become the first non-invasive monitor of blood pressure within the heart. The product uses a unique combination of sensor technologies with the patient’s smartphone and is intended for use in the home environment by people who suffer from heart failure. It has the potential to sharply reduce the number of hospital readmissions and mortality rates for this patient group.

Alertive — Seattle, Washington
Alertive provides a remote monitoring software for chronic illnesses. Alertive’s mission is to transform how healthcare is delivered to patients by creating tools that can predict which patients are at highest risk of serious health events. This enables clinicians to intervene before these serious health events occur.

Bridges Health — Chicago, Illinois
Bridges Health is a healthcare SaaS company dedicated to providing hospital systems with a platform for preventative cardiology, where they make heart disease monitoring easy for doctors and patients. Bridges Health aims to aggregate data from top mHealth applications and provide the collected lifestyle data information to cardiologists with an unparalleled interface experience, such that they can effectively and efficiently monitor the cardiovascular conditions of their patients.

BetterLungs — Cambridge, Massachusetts
BetterLungs introduces their groundbreaking solutions to predict lung cancer in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. BetterLungs creates innovative, forward-looking and easy-to-use data-driven solutions that contribute to transforming healthcare.

Chartnote — Davis, California
Chartnote recognizes documentation as one of the main causes of physician burnout. Chartnote helps doctors expedite medical documentation using smart templates and voice-recognition.

Curve Health — Miami, Florida
Curve Health creates a proven bridge between skilled nursing facilities, emergency medical services and hospitals by combining telemedicine, predictive analytics and smart billing into a single platform to advance senior care. The result is seamless, well-orchestrated care with increased visibility of individual patients and populations that creates greater efficiency and new revenue potential across the entire care lifecycle. And most importantly, this platform generates happier and healthier patients.

Everbeat — Rockville, Maryland
Everbeat specializes in personalized cardiovascular disease risk assessment through its novel ECG smart ring. Everbeat is the only wrist-based device that continuously monitors for atrial fibrillation.

Fillip — Chicago, Illinois
Fillip is a software platform that incentivizes consumers to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors for healthcare payers, providers and employers seeking to reduce chronic care costs. Fillip uses principles of behavioral economics and psychology, a research-driven approach and machine learning. Through incentive programs customized to an individual’s social, behavioral and motivational circumstances, Fillip makes getting healthy achievable and rewarding for consumers and maximizes outcome for their customers.

First Stop Health — Chicago, Illinois
First Stop Health provides 24/7 patient care via mobile app, website or phone. First Stop Health helps patients save time and money with safe, convenient and high-quality care. The telemedicine and virtual mental health services are available as an employee benefit from employers and to students and staff at higher education institutions.

Kloc Health — Denver, Colorado
Kloc Health is an AI-powered software that helps hospitals predict and secure operational and clinical needs before they arise. KLOC is an on demand nurse staffing and recruiting app that matches hospitals and healthcare facilities with the right nurses, therapists and clinicians.

MD Newsline — Chicago, Illinois
MD Newsline is a health technology company that is building digital solutions to increase the cultural competence of healthcare practitioners, by utilizing video content, custom newsletters and unique cultural insights and health disparities research to help improve patient outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk populations.

MedCene — Wilmington, Delaware
MedCene is improving the way career advancement occurs in healthcare by addressing the workforce shortages through a digital networking platform facilitating healthcare career opportunities and recruitment. MedCene connects healthcare professionals directly with employers thereby improving collaboration, increasing the candidate pool, speeding up the onboarding process, reducing staff turnover through data analytics and reducing the fees paid to recruitment agencies.

OD1N Health — Calgary, Canada
OD1N Health is creating an autonomous urinalysis device providing a fast and comprehensive overview of your health at the comfort of your home. By leveraging robotics for automation and utilizing software to analyze industry standard urine strips, OD1N will display your results on our iOS platform within minutes accompanied by nutritional and lifestyle recommendations with a single touch of a button.

SecureCHECK AI — New York, New York
SecureCHECK AI transforms an inefficient, labor-intensive and outdated approach for pre-checking advertising content to meet FDA-mandated regulatory requirements. SecureCHEK AI is a pre-MLR software powered by AI.

Seecure Holdings Inc. — Miami Beach, Florida
Seecure Holdings Inc. is the new paradigm for HIPAA communications between all stakeholders. The cloud-based HIPAA solution provides for a seamless integration of data with secure communications of video, voice, SMS and files in an affordable SaaS model. Providers can interact with their patients in any setting with the knowledge that all communications and data is certified compliant and under a business associate agreement.

SmartBreast™ Corporation — Mars, Pennsylvania
SmartBreast™ Corporation is the first and only dense-breast management company. SmartBreast Corp. intends to care for women from the moment they discover they have dense breasts and onward. SmartBreast Corp. empowers women to defeat breast cancer with personalized data-driven knowledge and optimal action recommendations to decisively manage their dense breast health with a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence software and dense-breast imaging scanner solutions.

Vaizian — Chicago, Illinois
Vaizian is a medical software company focused on introducing AI technology into the ER. The technology assesses ER conditions, such as chest pain, to deliver explainable diagnoses in a way that is understandable to doctors. Unlike other AI, Vaizian lets doctors review the reasoning behind each conclusion to make better informed decisions and limit unnecessary admissions.


The Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME) and MATTER are engaged in a six-month U.S. market adoption program aimed at preparing Korean companies for U.S. market success. Here is the 2021 cohort:

Bertis, Inc. — Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Bertis, Inc. is a proteomics-based molecular diagnostics company that develops novel biomarkers for early cancer diagnosis.

CREDO — Gangwon-do, South Korea
CREDO’s smart device increases the user’s chance of successfully performing CPR by providing real time feedback on CPR compressions. Credo’s solution can connect to smartphones and can be utilized for training and real-time scenarios.

Medi-Whale, Inc. — Seoul, South Korea
Medi-Whale, Inc. is offering the first AI-integrated screening platform for cardiovascular disease risk, rapid kidney function decline and eye health via retinal photography. Retinal photography is a non-invasive technique that provides a rapid, comfortable and non-radiative examination process for any individual. The flagship cardiovascular disease risk engine, which was developed using coronary artery calcium score, and the Bertis eye disease diagnosis are both CE marked. Bertis is currently translating their renal engine for regulatory clearance onto the AI platform.

Soundable Health — San Francisco, California
Soundable Health captures audible biomarkers through smartphones, empowering patients to manage their health. Current focus areas encompass urology and respiratory, by bringing medical insights to users.

Xandar Kardian — New York, New York
Xandar Kardian provides non-contact heart rate, breathing rate, sleep apnea, heart arrhythmia and fall detection monitoring solutions utilizing proprietary and patented radar signal processing algorithms. The system can be plug-and-play installed into any home or indoor environment with the ability to provide real-time health monitoring via the cloud and mobile apps.