October 2022: Meet the newest members of the MATTER startup community

The newest members of the MATTER startup community join us through a variety of avenues, including partnerships with AWS and Parkview Health, and represent 13 different countries and 19 global cities. Continue reading to learn more about our 28 newest members.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.

Meet the startups

Digital health startups

Careignition — Chicago, Illinois
Careignition is a Chicago-based startup that makes healthcare fixable by making data meaningful. Careignition has created a healthcare data platform that uses AI to restructure fractured and variable billing data into richly featured, standardized and clinically relevant business objects. Their process enables clear measurements of price, efficiency and quality that were not previously possible.

Diagnostic Robotics — Tel Aviv, Israel
Diagnostic Robotics is specializing in cost of care reduction by optimizing care management through better AI-driven targeting, intervention matching and patient triage. They are collaborating with payer and provider partners in the United States, South Africa and Israel to help make their vision for a better world into a reality with tangible results of reduction of inpatient visits.

Elsa Science — Stockholm, Sweden
Elsa Science offers a solution for rheumatic care management where patient-reported outcomes are monitored remotely and utilized in care management by healthcare providers. Elsa Science’s service extends patient care beyond the clinic and offers richer assessments for quicker interventions. The objectives are to drive the transition to value-based care, enabling population health management as well as precision health on an individual level.

Founda Health — Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founda Health empowers providers and hospitals, digital health solutions, IT teams and payers via a scalable API infrastructure for healthcare. The solution improves organizational efficiency thereby driving growth and financial profitability. Built on modern healthcare standards, the platform is cloud-based and zero-trust and moves data efficiently across non-standardized interfaces without storing any of it.

InsightHx — Toronto, Canada
InsightHx is an actionable data analytics company that automates preventive care screenings for hard-working primary care providers, especially those in private practice or part of an affordable care organization. Their product helps to ensure that patients are thoughtfully engaged in order to maximize their preventive care. In this manner, they hope to identify early-stage issues without admin teams making phone calls or sending texts or emails. The value proposition is an easy way to maintain population health while ensuring zero administration costs. In the long term, they hope to create a closed-loop system that understands cause-and-effect relationships regionally to better deliver preventive care.

inTandem Health — Mill Valley, California
inTandem Health humanizes healthcare with a technology-enabled, peer-to-peer mentor support platform that connects the hospital’s experienced, trained patients with new patients, empowering them to face life-challenging conditions. Partnering with hospitals, inTandem modernizes peer support programs with the right balance of advanced technology and human touch to provide a compassionate, engaging experience for patients and a compliant, scalable infrastructure to reach more patients in need of one-to-one support. With inTandem’s program, hospitals have a peer mentor on the patient’s care team — fostering holistic care during their journey and improving health outcomes.

Lynx.MD — Tel Aviv, Israel
Lynx.MD provides a secure data network and medical intelligence platform that gives the healthcare ecosystem the ability to safely share real-world clinical data to accelerate research and development while providing transformative analytics.

Medcase — Tel Aviv, Israel
Medcase’s global network of healthcare professionals sits at the intersection of technology, digital health services and innovation. They allow enterprises and clinicians to connect seamlessly through a tech-enabled platform, providing expertise for organizations to build the tools and workflows that drive innovation while empowering healthcare experts to leverage their knowledge and skills to lead global change.

MedEngine — Berlin, Germany
MedEngine’s on a mission to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease. Their product, Flytta, provides people with detailed insights into their condition and helps them perform safer and more effective self-management. Flytta consists of the Flytta Watch that remotely monitors motor symptoms and the Flytta App that actively captures non-motor symptoms and can help people manage medication schedules, exercise classes and activities of daily life.

Medicai — Bucharest, Romania
Medicai makes medical imaging collaboration easy for patients, doctors, clinics and hospitals. Medicai enables patient-doctor collaboration through online sharing and communication, no matter where they are.

Medisanté — Lucerne, Switzerland
Medisanté enables hospital-at-home with the global medical Internet of things (IoT). By abstracting in one cloud a broad range of devices and gateways that connect direct2cloud, it redefines device interoperability and monitoring for technical teams and delivers medical IoT Data as a Service to care teams in the virtual care platform of their choice. It allows care teams to scale remote patient monitoring and decentralized clinical trials while minimizing the devices’ total cost of ownership and making no compromise on privacy or inclusion.

Nephrolytix — Berlin, Germany
Translating the scientific expertise in kidney function measurement into clinical routine, Nephrolytix utilizes a database — a protocol for contrast agent measurement — and proprietary software to diagnose acute kidney injury within the first two-to-seven hours, which is less than one-tenth of the standard timeline. Nephrolytix is easy to integrate into today’s clinical workflow everywhere and, given low component costs, promises a step-changing improvement in both patient outcomes and healthcare system performance.

Nostos Genomics — Berlin, Germany
Nostos Genomics partners with genetic testing labs to give more people with genetic diseases a fast and clear diagnosis. Their CE-certified platform leverages a unique combination of machine learning and synthetic biology to characterize mutations at scale and automate the interpretation. They enable labs to diagnose more people in a fraction of the time.

Nurea — Bègles, France
Nurea designs medical imaging software. As a result of 10 years of research in medical imaging processing, deep learning and mathematical modeling, their technology enables automated 3D reconstruction of the patient-specific digital vascular twin from CT angiographies. Based on this innovative technology, PRAEVAorta is their first decision-making support software, a unique solution in the healthcare market providing relevant and accurate information and making it simple, fast and intuitive to use for aortic aneurysms.

Sapien Health — London, United Kingdom
Sapien Health is a digital clinic that helps people prepare for and recover from surgery at home. Sapien Health’s service combines human health coaching and personalized digital guidance to support their members in understanding and adopting lifestyle habits that improve surgery outcomes. By optimizing an individual’s body and mind ahead of surgery they minimize unplanned cancellations, reduce surgical complications and speed up recovery. Sapien Health’s mission is to help 100 million people have successful surgery.

SkinVision — Amsterdam, Netherlands
With more than 2 million users worldwide, SkinVision provides a medical service that democratizes access to reliable, convenient and accurate detection of risk of the most common types of skin cancer, helping to bring the right people in front of the healthcare practitioner in time for successful treatment. Empowered by a highly accurate AI-based algorithm, their app combines cutting-edge technology with best-in-class dermatologists’ expertise and support. SkinVision is clinically validated and can detect signs of most common skin cancers with 95 percent sensitivity.

Vira Health — London, United Kingdom
Vira Health’s mission is to extend healthy life expectancy for women by reducing the prevalence of later life conditions, such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. The digital health company is focused on improving women’s long-term health by addressing female-specific conditions and improving the collection and use of female data in healthcare. The first product is Stella, a personalized app for menopause relief.

Zuri Fertility — Chicago, Illinois
Zuri is a next-generation fertility app breaking the cycle of confusion, anxiety and inconvenience that infertility causes to patients. They provide comprehensive medically-vetted information, at-home testing and a fertility evaluation with a licensed clinician. As a personal digital fertility clinic, they simplify and streamline the fertility journey for couples struggling to get pregnant. Zuri empowers patients with knowledge, confidence and access to the support resources they need, which today’s fertility clinics don’t offer.

Medical device startups

Acies Medical — Saint Paul, Minnesota
The Acies Smart Needle luminesces on contact with blood, assuring the user of appropriate placement for vascular access and injection. A person dies every 24 seconds due to a needlestick worldwide. Difficulty with vascular access in stroke and cardiac procedures increases the risk of death by over 400 percent. Acies Medical drives the capacity for rapid, safe and secure access without the use of kidney damaging dye nor the cumbersome use of ultrasound. Acies also reduces the risk of myocarditis on vaccine injection by preventing inadvertent intravascular injections, driving vaccine compliance. At a population health level, a 15 percent boost in compliance may represent over $1 trillion in prevented GDP loss.

Coldplasmatech — Greifswald, Germany
Coldplasmatech has a Star-Trek-like medical device that kills multiresistant bacteria and treats chronic wounds. Coldplasmatech was founded in June 2015 as a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology and has been involved in an approval procedure for its innovative medical products — PlasmaPatch and PlasmaCube — since November 2015.

contextflow — Vienna, Austria
contextflow is an Austrian startup that began as part of the Medical University of Vienna and Khresmoi European research project. Their core technology is a clinical decision support system that detects 19 different patterns in lung CTs and nodules. Preliminary results indicate that contextflow SEARCH Lung CT reduced average reading time by 31 percent when the system was available for use and trended toward improved diagnostic accuracy. It integrates directly into your picture archiving and communication system, providing reference cases based on visual disease pattern detection, statistics and medical literature necessary for differential diagnosis.

Galileo Innovations — Chicago, Illinois
Galileo Innovations develops human performance-optimizing biotech gear and equipment for athletes, first responders, military members and labor industry workers. Their main product, CalidGear, augments users with actionable insights concerning environmental and biometric hazards in real-time to target heat injuries, an issue with increasing statistics annually within the private and first responders sectors with no viable solution currently available.

Loquet — Fort Wayne, Indiana
Emma Parsley is a 2022 Cedarville University graduate who majored in industrial and innovative design. Her passion for helping underserved mothers branches from experience fostering babies of families in need. Thousands of infants lose their lives because of latching difficulties and the resulting loss of vital breastfeeding benefits. Emma believes strongly that with the help of Parkview Health, her innovative breastfeeding device, Loquet, will help save these babies.

Neocortex Digital — Madrid, Spain
Neocortex Digital is a global startup founded in Spain with a U.S. presence. Neocortex Digital is a B2B2C medical device company and SaaS provider of health services focused on fields related to eye, vision and brain functions. Their patent-pending NeoX device will screen for, diagnose and train for the improvement of most visual dysfunctions. Neocortex Digital’s core technologies revolve around providing better, faster and cheaper techniques for diagnosing and treating visual function disorders and pathologies.

Neurobell — Cork, Ireland
Neurobell is an Enterprise Ireland-funded commercialization project and team from the INFANT Research Centre at University College Cork in Ireland. Neurobell is developing a novel medical device for early detection and monitoring of seizures in newborns. Their pocket-sized and wireless EEG monitor provides bedside staff with easy-to-use EEG and automated alerts for seizures in real time.

Other startups

ExSeed Health — London, United Kingdom
ExSeed Health empowers people to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle by unlocking the full potential of personal technology. Their latest innovation will help give couples all over the world the ability to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

Noscendo — Duisburg, Germany
Noscendo is the leading global provider of software-based pathogen identification technology. They’ve made it their objective to revolutionize infection diagnostics, saving patient lives. To do so, they combine the latest molecular biology methods, such as next-generation sequencing, with proprietary bio IT solutions in their analysis platform, DISQVER. Scores of well-known university hospitals, major regional hospitals and hospital groups are already using DISQVER. They also work with health insurance providers such as TK and IKK Südwest.

PathoQuest — Paris, France
PathoQuest, a spin-out of Institut Pasteur Paris, is a genomics expert company offering a game-changing next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach for microbiology testing. The NGS-based technology the company has developed is used for quality control testing of biologicals (e.g., ATMP, vaccines, antibodies), enabling rapid and robust analysis at agGood manufacturing practice level. PathoQuest’s technology leverages the company’s proprietary sample preparation protocols, which are applicable to several types of biological samples, proprietary internally-curated pathogen genome databases and automated analysis pipelines.

If you’re interested in joining the MATTER community, you can apply today or request more information and a member of our team will be in touch.


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