MATTER startup shoutouts: December 2021

Every day, innovators across the MATTER community are building new solutions that accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives. Here’s a look into some of the most noteworthy headlines from the startup members in our community over the past few months.

CareSignal was acquired by Lightbeam Health

CareSignal, a pioneer in deviceless remote patient monitoring, was acquired by Lightbeam Health, the leader in end-to-end population health management. The acquisition will enable Lightbeam to integrate scalable, evidence-based remote engagement and monitoring capabilities to their population health offering. “This acquisition means much more opportunity for accelerated growth,” says CareSignal Co-founder and CEO Blake Marggraff. Read more about their acquisition here.

NovaScan raised $8M in Series B financing

NovaScan, a clinical stage oncology company, raised $8M in Series B financing, led by Builders VC. NovaScan is pioneering a new low-cost point-of-care platform for cancer detection and treatment. They plan to utilize the funds to advance several platforms such as MarginScan™, a disruptive treatment for skin cancer.

metaMe Health received FDA clearance

metaMe Health, a digital therapeutics company focused on gut health, received FDA clearance for Regulora®, the first FDA-authorized treatment for abdominal pain due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Regulora provides behavioral therapy through a smartphone app to promote healthier control of digestive tract function and improve abdominal pain from IBS.

Explorer Surgical was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange

Explorer Surgical, operator of a comprehensive digital and remote case support platform, was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), a healthcare business and data automation company. Explorer Surgical’s digital expertise in creating innovative tools will be paired with GHX’s cloud-based supply chain network to help providers and suppliers deliver a higher quality of care. Learn more about the acquisition and insights from Explorer Surgical CEO Jenn Fried here.

Perx Health raised $2.2M backed by AirTree Ventures

Perx Health, a digital health startup, raised $2.2M in seed funding backed by AirTree Ventures. Launched in 2017, Perx supports people with chronic health and complex behavioral health conditions with a proven engagement approach that improves adherence to treatment plans. The funds will go toward advancing Perx’s mission of reaching vulnerable populations that have been left behind by the first wave of digital health programs.

Alertive Healthcare was acquired by Carbon Health

Alertive Healthcare, an industry-leading remote patient monitoring platform, was acquired by Carbon Health, a leading healthcare provider. The acquisition will extend Carbon Health’s home-based care capabilities and remote patient offerings. Alertive Healthcare will integrate its platform and services into Carbon Health’s omnichannel care model to ultimately reach more patients, provide real-time remote monitoring and deliver care in a scalable way.

Level Ex launches game-based platform to reenvision disease education

Level Ex, the creator of industry-leading medical video games for physicians, launched CASCADES™, an interactive, game-based platform designed for disease education and understanding of mechanisms of action. Inspired by puzzle games, the platform utilizes fun, visual and interactive level-based puzzle tasks to help healthcare professionals understand the biochemistry and outcomes of a drug.

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