MATTER startup shoutouts: March 2022

Every day, innovators across the MATTER community are building new solutions that accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives. Here’s a look into some of the most noteworthy headlines from startup members in our community over the past few months.

MATTER members raised over $200M over the last three months.

AMOpportunities raised $2M in a Series A2 to invest in staffing, technology and hospital recruitment.
AMOpportunities (AMO), a Chicago-based startup pioneering clinical training as a service, raised $2 million in Series A2 financing supported by OCA Ventures, PACE Healthcare and Dreamit Ventures. To date, the company has raised nearly $9 million in capital funding. With the funding, AMO will continue to invest in its staffing, technology and hospital recruitment allowing the company to acquire the supply needed to meet the demand of clinical training from students and graduates throughout the world.

Curve Health raised $12M in a Series A round to continue to scale.
Curve Health, a digital health technology platform, raised $12 million in a Series A financing led by Morningside Ventures. Curve Health delivers a care enablement platform featuring telemedicine, health information exchange data and predictive analytics as well as billing integrations that allow patients and providers to connect outside of a facility, preventing unnecessary trips to the hospital. Curve Health plans to use the funds to improve their platform and expand their footprint throughout the U.S.

HealthBeacon listed on the Euronext Growth Dublin raising €25M in funding.
HealthBeacon, a medication adherence technology company, went public and listed on Euronext Growth Dublin raising €25 million in funding. HealthBeacon will use the funding to expand their team, navigate their product rollout and develop their platform through research and development.

Hearts Radiant raised €2.4M in seed funding to expand to the U.S.
Hearts Radiant, the Spain-based digital health company that created digital longevity coaching app Rosita Longevity, raised €2.4 million in seed funding led by Ship2B Ventures. Since launching Rosita Longevity in 2020, Hearts Radiant has developed the app to provide personalized programs and coaching to prevent frailty while aging. The funds raised will help Hearts Radiant pursue clinical trials and launch in the U.S.

Memora Health raised $40M to scale their platform simplifying complex care delivery.
Memora Health, the leading technology platform for virtual care delivery and complex care management, raised $40 million in financing led by Transformation Capital. Memora Health supports healthcare organizations by digitizing and automating complex care workflows and integrating them seamlessly into EHRs, CRMs and existing clinical and administrative workflows. Memora Health will use the funding to continue to scale.

PharmaCann raised $40M through additional issuing of senior secured notes.
PharmaCann, a vertically integrated cannabis company, raised $40 million through issuing senior secured notes. The funds will be used to advance growth opportunities and general corporate purposes.

Surgical Innovation Associates raised $15M to support commercial expansion.
Surgical Innovation Associates (SIA), a medical device company, raised $15 million in Series B financing led by Pioneer Healthcare Partners. SIA’s flagship product, DuraSorb® Monofilament Mesh, is a next-generation, bioabsorbable scaffold developed to provide mechanical support during the early phases of wound healing. The funding will help SIA advance commercial expansion of products in the DuraSorb family helping advance the standard of care in surgery.

Synapticure raised $6M to transform the standard of care for people living with ALS.
Synapticure, a teleneurology company, raised $6 million in seed funding led by GV (formerly Google Ventures). Synapticure was founded by couple Brian Wallach, who has ALS, and Sandra Abrevaya, his wife and caregiver. Synapticure is building a full-stack teleneurology platform that provides access and continuity of care to people living with ALS. The company will use the seed funding to rapidly scale its care platform to people living with ALS across the U.S.

Univfy raised $6M to expand fertility care.
Univfy, an artificial intelligence (AI) digital health company, raised $6 million in Series B funding led by Atlantic Street Capital. Univfy uses AI and machine learning to personalize counseling and fertility care. They will use the funding to extend their platform services to health plans and employers.

Vynca raised $30M to expand their integrated palliative care platform.
Vynca, a provider of holistic care for those with serious illnesses, raised $30 million in growth capital led by Questa Capital. Vynca partners with providers, payers and risk-bearing entities with solutions to address the needs of those navigating heart failure, cancer and end-stage renal disease. Vynca will use the funding to grow its clinical services organization and expand its technology to meet the needs of value-based care programs.

Xandar Kardian raised $10M to rollout their technologies.
Xander Kardian, a contactless health monitoring startup, raised $10 million in a Series A round backed by Phoenix Venture Partners, Portfolia Active Aging and Longevity Fund and Taronga Ventures. Xander Kardian leverages radar-based solutions to provide predictive and preventative care through continuous vital sign measurements. They will utilize the funds raised to support the rollout of their technologies across healthcare applications.

Zing Health raised $25M to accelerate their growth and develop new business partnerships.
Zing Health, a physician-led Medicare Advantage insurance company, raised $25 million in strategic investments from Town Hall ventures and Leavitt Equity Partners. Zing Health takes a community-based approach to address social determinants of health to keep individuals and communities healthy through personalized care and tailored services. They will use the funds to develop new business partnerships that align with their health equity mission.

MATTER members reached many milestones from acquisitions to competition wins and more.

Genomenon was awarded an NIH grant to curate the human genome.
Genomenon, an AI-driven genomics company, announced they were awarded a $1.7 million grant by the National Institutes of Health. The grant funding will be used to accelerate the development of their Mastermind Genomic Search Engine, an AI-driven variant interpretation engine with the potential to curate the entire human genome.

Kinnos won a pair of innovation competitions.
Kinnos was named the winner of the New York Transit Tech Lab’s COVID-19 Response Challenge and the Arab Health Innov8 competition. Kinnos’ patented Highlight® technology is an additive combined with existing disinfectant products to help visualize disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces for safer healthcare settings.

Pack Health was acquired by Quest Diagnostics.
Pack Health, a patient-engagement company that helps individuals adopt healthier behaviors to improve outcomes, has entered an agreement to be acquired by Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services. The Pack Health platform will be added to Quest Diagnostics’ extended care services to expand their expertise in addressing social determinants of health. The transaction is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2022.

Rubitection won a pair of innovation competitions.
Rubitection was named a winner in the inaugural Richard King Mellon Foundation’s Social-Impact Pitch Competition and the Central New York Biotech Accelerator’s Medical Device Innovation Challenge. Rubitection’s skin health risk assessment and care management platform improves the early assessment and management of dermatologic, surgical and vascular-related wounds.

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