VIDEO: MATTER founders discuss increasing representation for patients and entrepreneurs

In February, MATTER startup entrepreneurs Kistein Monkhouse, CEO and founder of Patient Orator, and Javier Evelyn, CEO and Founder of Alerje, joined us in celebrating Black History Month and discussed how they’re building both solutions and communities to create a more equitable healthcare experience.

Watch the full event to learn more about the impacts of race on the entrepreneurial journey and Kistein and Javier’s advice for other underrepresented founders operating in healthcare.

“I understand the uphill battle that is in front of me as an entrepreneur of color. But I am in this because I understand the importance of being in this space of developing and creating for people that look like me.” — Kistein Monkhouse

“We are building for the America of the future. Empathy is the super power that Black and brown founders have by design. That’s a talent we need to highlight to build the tools of the future.” — Javier Evelyn