Introducing: #storiesthatmatter

Today, we are thrilled to launch a new project: Stories That Matter. But first, some history — as told by MATTER CEO Steven Collens — from way back when MATTER was but an idea without a name.

In the years since opening MATTER’s doors, we’ve found that these stories are more than motivating — they’re illuminating. Nor are they the exclusive domain of entrepreneurs: We hear powerful stories from the doctors, scientists, patients, caregivers, administrators and others in our community. Collectively, their stories create a kaleidoscopic view of what healthcare is like on the ground.

We’ve come to believe that understanding problems through the lens of a story — through the tangible experiences of others — is the first step toward creating the inclusive, nuanced and collaborative solutions needed to vastly improve healthcare.

Through Stories That Matter, we are capturing and sharing the inspiring and insightful (and occasionally disturbing, hilarious or heartbreaking) stories that we hear every day. We hope that, like us, you’ll find yourself surprised to see an old problem through a new lens and maybe even be inspired to do something about it — something that matters.

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