Listen: Brant Cooper discusses uncertainty, accelerating corporate innovation and creating resilient organizations

New York Times bestselling author and founder and CEO of Moves the Needle sits down with MATTER

Due to the rapid pace of technological innovation in the digital age, massive structural change is happening throughout society. Faced with increasing complexity and endless disruption, company organization, systems and management are still largely based on what was most efficient in the Industrial Age. Brant Cooper’s new book, Disruption Proof: Empower People, Create Value, Drive Change, brings readers a refreshingly new approach to navigate pervasive uncertainty.

“Disruption proof is building an exploration mindset, or entrepreneurial spirit, across the business in such a way that it will be able to respond to changes happening in the world rather than scrambling last-minute to save itself from disruption,” says Brant. “This exploration mode can manifest working with startups, technology scouting and an awareness of what’s going on in the world. That’s what’s going to prevent your business from being disrupted – not that you invent something but that you are aware of what’s coming – allowing the needs your business addresses to be addressed differently.”

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