Listen: Defining health equity with Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady

What is health equity? Where do care gaps show up in the American healthcare system? How can technology and innovation be consciously designed and deployed to positively make a change?

On April 14, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady joined MATTER to answer these questions and more, kicking off MATTER’s latest event series, Advancing Health Equity. The series aims to unravel the various forms of inequities affecting our healthcare system today and explore the role that innovation and technology can play in shaping a more equitable future. Future discussions will follow two tracks: resilient communities and inclusive technology.

In the recording of this event co-produced with MATTER partner HC3 (Healthcare Council of Chicago), Dr. Arwardy delivers a keynote address to align our community on key components of health equity. Following the keynote, Dr. Arwady joins The Chicago Community Trust CEO Helene Gayle to further discuss how technology and innovation have contributed to the gaps in healthcare we see today across different demographics.

We asked the panelists: What is one thing innovators can do to advance health equity?

Helene: “We’re all part of public health wherever we are. As employers and as people working in a broad range of sectors, everything we do has the ability to impact health outcomes.”

Dr. Arwady: “I would encourage you to try and get connected with your local public health department. We are interested in your ideas and there are interesting opportunities for you to be part of the larger structural opportunities to advance health equity as a country.”

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