Startup Shoutouts: October 6, 2020

Every day, innovators across the MATTER community are building new solutions that accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives. Here’s a look into some of the most noteworthy headlines from the startup members in our community over the past month.

PhysIQ receives NIH commission to develop COVID-19 digital biomarker; partners with Purdue University on study

PhysIQ, the developer of the first FDA 510k-cleared personalized physiology data analytics platform, was selected by the National Institutes of Health to develop a COVID-19 digital biomarker to address the decline of high risk patients with COVID-19. This technology could allow providers to help treat people with COVID-19 sooner.

PhysIQ also announced their partnership with Purdue University to develop a software that uses biometric smartwatch data to help bring students, faculty and staff back to campus safely.

PhotoniCare announces $7 million in funding

PhotoniCare, a medical device company that has developed a handheld tool that can see through the eardrum without surgery, recently announced $7 million in funding. The funding will be used to expand PhotoniCare’s executive team, improve manufacturing processes and aid in artificial intelligence development for the TOMi™ Scope, their non-invasive ear imaging technology that helps determine the presence, or absence, of fluid in the middle ear.

Vynca partners with Cerner Corporation

Vynca, a leader in advanced care planning solutions, announced a new partnership with Cerner to help individuals navigate through the advance care planning process. This strategic partnership aims to break down the digital barrier between advance care planning documents and electronic health records (EHRs) to ensure that patient wishes are honored.

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