Listen: A conversation with founder of precision nutrition startup DayTwo, Lihi Segal

Lihi Segal founded DayTwo in 2015 to bring personalized health solutions based on the gut microbiome into the mainstream consumer market. Since then, the company has become a leader in precision nutrition with the world’s largest and highest resolution microbiome discovery platform, offering a sustainable path to remission for metabolic disease.

DayTwo’s results set a new national benchmark for diabetes and metabolic disease care, with significant sustained clinical results in reducing A1C, improving Time in Range and reducing or eliminating prescription medications. Their scientific research is cited by the NIH as a foundational element in its 10 year, $150 million strategic plan for precision nutrition.

In a conversation moderated by VillageMD Chief Marketing Officer Ellen Donahue-Dalton, Lihi discusses her experiences leading both startups and large public enterprises, the inspiration and motivation behind founding DayTwo and advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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