Listen: A conversation with Eren Bali, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Health

Serial entrepreneur shares his inspiration and journey to improve access to healthcare and education

Eren Bali is a technology luminary with an entrepreneurial vision and a passion for human rights, chief among those are access to education and healthcare. It’s become his life’s mission to tackle disparities in these sectors, inspiring him to build Udemy and Carbon Health.

As the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Health, Eren leads the company on its mission to make essential healthcare services more accessible. Leveraging its unique technology platform, Carbon Health provides patients with advanced primary care, designed to meet patients where they are across a variety of access points, including in-person clinics, virtual care and remote patient monitoring (RPM). With more than 100 clinics across the country and a virtual care platform, Carbon Health is transforming modern healthcare.

Prior to Carbon Health, Eren co-founded Udemy, an online learning platform where over 50 million students learn from over 64,000 instructors teaching 1.85 million courses in over 75 different languages. Aside from recently achieving unicorn status with a valuation north of $2 billion, Udemy has received praise for helping to make education more accessible to the world. With his successes in education, Eren brings a new perspective on debunking the complexities of our healthcare system and paving the way for democratizing healthcare and its accessibility.

Eren joined MATTER and Dr. Suzet McKinney, DRPH, MPH, from Sterling Bay in a discussion about his career, the future of healthcare accessibility and what’s on the horizon for Carbon Health.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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